You Don't Know Spider-Man?!

Take a deep dive into Spider-Man's past, present, and future!
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  1. Glitchy gaming

    Glitchy gamingHace 8 horas

    lol if u dont know spiderman im just speeechless

  2. Boe Zerek

    Boe ZerekHace un día

    It's funny that they make a video explaining who Spider-Man is despite not portraying him right in the MCU

  3. Sam Porter-Bridges, Smuggling minister?!

    Sam Porter-Bridges, Smuggling minister?!Hace un día

    No spider man : home sweet home.

  4. J Raja

    J RajaHace un día

    This is called respect for Stan Lee and his comics!!!!!!!

  5. 你好-神手Pi

    你好-神手PiHace un día

    Spiderman 3: No Way *H* arkness Returns *O* cto Returns *M* ysterio Returns *E* lectro Returns

  6. Alberto Rojas

    Alberto RojasHace un día

    MARVEL Studios' Spider-Man: No Way Home*

  7. Even

    EvenHace 2 días

    Who does actually not know Spider-Man?

  8. Angela Jacob

    Angela JacobHace 2 días

    Grow up, dude. My fare.

  9. Manisha Pinky

    Manisha PinkyHace 2 días

    My favourite one is spider man from earth 616 and miles morales From earth 1610 but when it comes to costume i love spider-gwen or ghost spider......

  10. LML_2005

    LML_2005Hace 3 días

    Something I've always loved about Spider-Man was how human he was. He was never some larger than life figure like Captain America or Iron Man. He dealt with real problems that everyone faces from time to time. That's the "Man" in Spider-Man.

  11. Idrís Malik

    Idrís MalikHace 3 días

    3:28 Why do I feel like this is a clear hint to the multiverse...!! Super excited 🔥🔥

  12. VGNSK8RQU33N

    VGNSK8RQU33NHace 4 días

    I _do_ know Spidey but watched this anyways cuz only know him from the 80s tv show, the 90s toon, Homecoming and SpiderVerse (these last two being the best versions of Spidey _ever_ imo). So this was good, but would've rly appreciated a suggested reading list - even if only in the description box. If possible. In the future. Plz and thx x

  13. stevenARTify

    stevenARTifyHace 4 días

    This video title makes me feel uncomfortable. Everyone knows who Spider-Man is. Even my cat has heard of him

  14. Soham Saxena

    Soham SaxenaHace 4 días

    Miles Morales is trending as it seems. But I also love Spider Noir. The classic one.


    BOGENZO_ OFFICIALHace 4 días

    No Need *Everyone knows the Peter Boy*

  16. Frances Nathan Olarte

    Frances Nathan OlarteHace 4 días

    Random people: Who's spider-man?.. Kids: *INSTANT KILL MODE*

  17. Zspec1988

    Zspec1988Hace 5 días

    Anyone remember today in marvel history?

  18. Radhika MR

    Radhika MRHace 6 días

    Last part: shu...😅

  19. jameel atiq

    jameel atiqHace 6 días

    Peter Parker spider man

  20. Advanced Game Brothers

    Advanced Game BrothersHace 6 días

    Who doesn't know!!!!!?!?!?!? He is the greatest hero ever.

  21. dee 'Evil

    dee 'EvilHace 6 días

    Only superman Spider-Man and Batman everyone knows these 3 ❤️❤️

  22. YeBoiGhost

    YeBoiGhostHace 6 días

    2:45 dont tell me this will happen in the MCU

  23. doge

    dogeHace 6 días


  24. Ridgerz z

    Ridgerz zHace 7 días

    My favorite spider-man is miles morales and Peter parker

  25. Mr Wolf

    Mr WolfHace 7 días

    Dylan O Brien would be the great actor of spiderman

  26. TheOne

    TheOneHace 7 días


  27. Anuj Saini

    Anuj SainiHace 7 días

    This video is useless(everybody knows)

  28. Fury Mode

    Fury ModeHace 7 días


  29. Ari Price

    Ari PriceHace 8 días

    I didn’t know this existed I like it

  30. phillyradiogeek

    phillyradiogeekHace 8 días

    Best. Superhero. Ever.

  31. King Kong

    King KongHace 8 días

    This Langston guy reminds me of the blue ranger from the Powers Rangers 2017 film.

  32. uma gangatirkar

    uma gangatirkarHace 8 días

    You do not simply mention Mephisto while wandavision is streaming, is this mephisto foreshadowing?

  33. daniel larusso

    daniel larussoHace 8 días

    Marvel basically asking if we're stupid

  34. BackSet

    BackSetHace 8 días

    I mean, the video does lampshade the implausibility of someone not knowing Spider-Man. Besides, it was quite an amusing video. Worth the four minutes of time I invested in watching it.

  35. Aman K

    Aman KHace 8 días

    everyone knows him!! but do ya know about Indian spiderman?🙃🙃

  36. Aman K

    Aman KHace 8 días

    played small but big role in spiderverse!!!🤗🤗🤗

  37. SPSGOD1 6

    SPSGOD1 6Hace 8 días

    Cosmic spider man vs knull

  38. Alberto Rojas

    Alberto RojasHace un día

    Captain Universe*

  39. kshitij Patil

    kshitij PatilHace 8 días

    Who tf don't know spiderman ?

  40. Rishit Jha

    Rishit JhaHace 8 días

    Legend knows the spider man


    SJ THE BRAINIACHace 8 días

    Dude everyone knows Spider-Man , his Face is literally everywhere. PeterParker forever

  42. connextro

    connextroHace 8 días

    No one knows Spider-Man better than I do.

  43. Andrew Cee

    Andrew CeeHace 8 días

    Everyone and their grandma's grandma knows who Spider-Man is

  44. SGR

    SGRHace 8 días

    I do?????

  45. warren byrne

    warren byrneHace 9 días

    The most recognisable superheros of all time. Spider-Man,Superman and Batman. Random order.

  46. QaaniBriayni

    QaaniBriayniHace 9 días

    this is why we have " are you a robot" tests. It's because these morons don't know who Spider-Man is.

  47. Shayaan Shaik

    Shayaan ShaikHace 9 días

    You don't know Spider-Man?? Well then you must be from a different universe where a legend called spider man wasn't created by two legends:- Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

  48. Itz_South 07

    Itz_South 07Hace 9 días

    Imagine not knowing who Spider-Man is you must have just been born😂

  49. ADEMON

    ADEMONHace 9 días

    Marvel's best character

  50. Saud Alam.

    Saud Alam.Hace 9 días

    My favorite spiderman tom hollaland

  51. Alfie

    AlfieHace 9 días

    “You’d have to travel 15,000 miles to a tribe that hasn’t had human contact to find someone that hasn’t heard of Spider-Man.” -Penguinz0

  52. Homid T.

    Homid T.Hace 9 días


  53. MoRd EcAi

    MoRd EcAiHace 9 días

    *Yes, I don’t know Spider-Man*

  54. Alexander José Ovie Caselis

    Alexander José Ovie CaselisHace 9 días

    Yeah... who is this “Spider-Man”🤨🤔?

  55. William Parrilla

    William ParrillaHace 9 días

    I love Spider-Man an Venom. ^_^

  56. Saba Kausar 02

    Saba Kausar 02Hace 9 días

    Imagine not knowing *Spider-Man*

  57. Dr. Royalty

    Dr. RoyaltyHace 9 días

    Spidermans more famous than jesus.

  58. Rishi P

    Rishi PHace 9 días

    Ok, that one guy who doesn't know Spider-Man is.................................ummmm................dumb

  59. Chantal Fortin

    Chantal FortinHace 9 días

    I have a question Marvel Entertainment , can you make a video about Tom Holland s Spider-Man origin story because i wanna know how Uncle Ben died in the MCU and how he was bitten by the spider IN THE MCU PLEASE ?

  60. uncanny dcmarvelous

    uncanny dcmarvelousHace 9 días

    Legally they can't make a video about that specific iteration because is owned by Sony. Maybe in his third movie they'll finally reveal those details either by flashbacks or just mentions

  61. jose ap santos

    jose ap santosHace 10 días

    Boa noite, esse homem aranha, é bom demais. Adorei o vídeo.

  62. Angel Jimmy

    Angel JimmyHace 10 días

    We know Spider-Man


    VAAGISH KR. SINGHHace 10 días

    marvel after releasing multiple movies and cartoons on spiderman "Hey do you wanna know who spiderman is " This vid is nothing i didnt knew earlier

  64. Among As

    Among AsHace 10 días

    Spiderman), is a fictional superhero from Marvel Comics created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko. He first appeared in Amazing Fantasy # 15 (August 1962). he has become one of the most famous super heroes in the world. not the real world but the world of film. with the exception of newly grown babies, who only know to ask for food, milk, then ask to be carried 😂😁😂😁

  65. akkuaron

    akkuaronHace 10 días

    CANADIAN LAD: Mephisto?? Hmmm...reference to wanda wision

  66. Satvik Hunter

    Satvik HunterHace 10 días

    we only want tony stark at iron man make iron man 4 but tony stark is iron man

  67. Anmol Singh

    Anmol SinghHace 10 días

    I like it how both Marvel and DC tryna teach people about two of their most renowned characters on the planet by posting Don't you know Spider-Man and Batman videos 🤣🤣

  68. Anmol Singh

    Anmol SinghHace 8 días

    @SJ THE BRAINIAC Yeah its hilarious. They tryna make views outta everything


    SJ THE BRAINIACHace 8 días

    IKR dude literally 2 week ago they posted A Batman origins video like wtf come on

  70. Garvish Khurana

    Garvish KhuranaHace 10 días

    The sinister six and now spider man 3 is coming.

  71. Deepika boddula

    Deepika boddulaHace 10 días

    OOO come on everyone literally everyone knows spiderman 🙈🔥

  72. 1LIFE 1GAMER

    1LIFE 1GAMERHace 10 días

    Guys who don't know spider man spidey fans:- I am gonna put some dirt in your eye

  73. Thiên , Ngô Đức

    Thiên , Ngô ĐứcHace 10 días

    i like spiderman

  74. Buddhini Wathsala

    Buddhini WathsalaHace 10 días

    I don't think that any person doesn't know everyones' friendly neibourhood spider man😎 And spidey is my favourite marvel superhero. 😘😚But that doesn't mean I don't like the others😏😏

  75. Buddhini Wathsala

    Buddhini WathsalaHace 10 días

    @uncanny dcmarvelous yep you're right. But he is also an avenger right? !!! Ok and I'll edit it...!!!

  76. uncanny dcmarvelous

    uncanny dcmarvelousHace 10 días

    He's more of a solo hero rather than an avenger though.

  77. Parvez Akhtar

    Parvez AkhtarHace 10 días

    Every one knew Spiderman before knowing marvel ESdos channel

  78. Harsh Kotwal

    Harsh KotwalHace 10 días

    Anybody notice mafiesto in that video...who can be related to wandavision

  79. Nicole Navales

    Nicole NavalesHace 10 días

    I love Spiderman! He’s one of my faves ❤️

  80. Teos FzKingLuckyS

    Teos FzKingLuckySHace 10 días

    is there any new info 'bout The Eternals ???????? i need a teaser at least... or we? need it...

  81. kyriakosVegeta

    kyriakosVegetaHace 10 días

    Oh look! Aunt May is actually old

  82. Ivan Tiros

    Ivan TirosHace 10 días

    All you Marvel fans Tall Marvel president to please put spider-man far from home spider-man homecoming in Disney +

  83. uncanny dcmarvelous

    uncanny dcmarvelousHace 10 días

    They legally can't because Sony still owns the rights

  84. WebSlinger 3000

    WebSlinger 3000Hace 10 días

    Alternative universes as well.

  85. Laurence Raz

    Laurence RazHace 10 días

    I'll do you one better, *WHY* is Spider-man?

  86. handri i

    handri iHace 10 días

    Wait? Dont know? Along with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, Spiderman is the most popular and well known fiction character.

  87. Joanna Danvers

    Joanna DanversHace 11 días

    Bring back goose the flerken

  88. The Fastest Hedgehog

    The Fastest HedgehogHace 11 días


  89. Daniel S

    Daniel SHace 11 días

    No talk about the big wheel?

  90. Jason Solano

    Jason SolanoHace 11 días

    He's was the reason why I 💘 Marvel he's was my first favorite hero when I was a kid.

  91. Marina ML

    Marina MLHace 11 días

    “You don’t know Spider-Man ?!” Of course! He is Mephisto! I am Mephisto! We all are Mephisto !

  92. Bogdan Dabija

    Bogdan DabijaHace 11 días

    This guy is my favorite superhero, eh what can i say=)

  93. urukhaiattack

    urukhaiattackHace 11 días

    I loved spider-ham voiced by John Mullaney in Spider-verse.

  94. Adam Suhail

    Adam SuhailHace 11 días

    100% of everyone in the world knows Spider-Man


    SJ THE BRAINIACHace 8 días

    Except the tribal people I guess

  96. Uplifting Businesses

    Uplifting BusinessesHace 11 días

    spider man is best I don't know why.


    SBM ABU SAYeD RANA BGDHace 11 días


  98. Sal

    SalHace 11 días

    At least it didn't talk about Sins of Past, one of Spider-Man's terrible retcon stories.

  99. Charles Kim

    Charles KimHace 11 días

    He is my favorite childhood superhero.

  100. Rising Legend

    Rising LegendHace 11 días

    Fact : Spider-Man is well known by all compared to any other superhero

  101. Kareem SPX

    Kareem SPXHace 11 días


  102. •{Lᴇxɪᴇ}•

    •{Lᴇxɪᴇ}•Hace 11 días

    You dont know spiderman our friendly neighberhood?

  103. Anonymous Anon

    Anonymous AnonHace 11 días

    Marvel if you consider this please make new series of Ben 10🥺🥺

  104. Create India

    Create IndiaHace 11 días

    Spider man India

  105. Just Your Average Gamer

    Just Your Average GamerHace 11 días

    Spider-Man is Marvel's mascot

  106. boba fan

    boba fanHace 11 días

    Yeah marvel spiderman Starwars Luke skywalker or obi wan

  107. SeungHyun

    SeungHyunHace 11 días

    WOW thank you for introducing me to spiderman! I hope he has a movie coming up! Excited to see how an actor can potray him.

  108. Aman Saad

    Aman SaadHace 11 días

    Imagine your friends saying : spiderman is awesome And then your like : spider who ? Yeah sorry mate , they are gonna hate you and unfriend you

  109. Tony Stark

    Tony StarkHace 11 días

    JUST....... Seriously???

  110. Tony Stark

    Tony StarkHace 11 días

    Marvel giving us the biography of most popular superhero while we're waiting for the next movie.

  111. Decipher

    DecipherHace 11 días

    is not knowing spider man even possible?