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“Wanda, who is this?” The fifth episode of Marvel Studios' “WandaVision” is now streaming on Disney+: bit.ly/2XyBSIW
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  1. Filmy Doper

    Filmy DoperHace 11 horas

    Who's watching this in 2023?😜

  2. Tessa Lewis

    Tessa LewisHace 5 días

    Wanda : "Tilts her head" Everyone: Run

  3. Syrupz _

    Syrupz _Hace 6 días

    This show never ends in my mind...

  4. Ammanullah Ismail

    Ammanullah IsmailHace 7 días

    Please standby. Only 30Min Episodes. Always putting us on cliffhanger every week. Its not fair. Its like controlling us. Why cant we have 1 hour per Episode.

  5. akshat goyal

    akshat goyalHace 8 días

    Marvel Fans Assemble!!

  6. Piyush Verma

    Piyush VermaHace 8 días

    Just Love it.

  7. SebasLink Glez

    SebasLink GlezHace 9 días

    Why Evan Petters for Pietro Maximoff... I WANT THE OTHER PIETRO MAXIMOFF

  8. green grape

    green grapeHace 9 días

    little theory: magneto wont appear because wanda and pietro arent mutants but just affected by the mind stone therefore magneto wont have any connection with them

  9. Lalit kumar

    Lalit kumarHace 9 días

    Please Wanda vision series in hindi

  10. Nick Lopez

    Nick LopezHace 10 días

    Looking good.

  11. Joanna Danvers

    Joanna DanversHace 10 días

    I wanna see goose on wandavision

  12. Daniel Jaek

    Daniel JaekHace 10 días

    Daniel Jaek

  13. KlaiFever30Hp

    KlaiFever30HpHace 11 días

    Marvel because it didn't leave Mercury alive and when it came back, it came back as Fox's Mercury (Evan Peters) Not Marvel Studios' Mercury (aaron taylor-john

  14. KlaiFever30Hp

    KlaiFever30HpHace 9 días

    @César was inadvertently

  15. César

    CésarHace 10 días

    The name in English is Quicksilver not mercury.

  16. Allen's Greenroom

    Allen's GreenroomHace 11 días

    This is an addictive, amazing show. Idk if i would feel this way about Loki and the falcon and the winter soldier. The trailers look amazing tho

  17. TheAilaS

    TheAilaSHace 11 días

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  18. Althaf Najad

    Althaf NajadHace 12 días

    Just fckng give me the next episode already💖

  19. Jamshid Ne'matov

    Jamshid Ne'matovHace 12 días

    Very good I'm from Uzbekistan My name is Jamshid

  20. KINGShotgun HD

    KINGShotgun HDHace 13 días

    Why didn’t you bring back the old quicksilver

  21. yolol

    yololHace 4 días

    Hes dead stupid

  22. Phoenix Mobile

    Phoenix MobileHace 13 días

    The show gets better every week

  23. Sai Deepak Bhimaraju

    Sai Deepak BhimarajuHace 14 días

    You're stretching it thin now. Might have been a better idea to wrap it up in 5-6 episodes. You lost a subscriber.

  24. Azrul Farhan

    Azrul FarhanHace 9 días


  25. Wang Jun Hu

    Wang Jun HuHace 14 días

    Me: watching Wanda vision trailer Friends: what are you watching Me: Wanda vision My friends:why ? Me: im invested

  26. Alpha Centauri

    Alpha CentauriHace 14 días

    Who's the popsicle?

  27. RDG EDM

    RDG EDMHace 14 días

    Please wandavision Hindi dubbing

  28. poetrcy

    poetrcyHace 14 días

    The last episode freaked me out... in a good way

  29. Rajesh kumara Guru

    Rajesh kumara GuruHace 14 días

    Please give the final episode for 1 hour please

  30. محمد جمهوری

    محمد جمهوریHace 15 días

    ایشون پیترو هستن

  31. Angel Galvan

    Angel GalvanHace 15 días

    Sooo we gonna talk about that one scene with vision....

  32. jose ap santos

    jose ap santosHace 15 días

    Boa tarde, essa série, é incrível. Adorei o vídeo.

  33. Ha Nguyễn

    Ha NguyễnHace 15 días


  34. Lata Sarkar

    Lata SarkarHace 15 días

    Oh it's quicksilver, vision!

  35. Govind Rawat

    Govind RawatHace 15 días

    Vision : Wanda who's this? Tobey: Sorry guys I am late its a jungle out there , I had to beat an old lady with a stick to get here.

  36. ɪsᴀᴀᴄ

    ɪsᴀᴀᴄHace 15 días


  37. Epic Gamer X

    Epic Gamer XHace 15 días

    Every Marvel Character(Only Important) who died in Infinity War came back... Vision - Wanda somehow brings him back Loki - Escapes in 2012 Gamora - 2014 Gamora comes to present timeline 😆😆

  38. EagleFang

    EagleFangHace 15 días

    "long lost bro get to hug his stinkin sister to death or what?"

  39. Sharunesh Nahendran

    Sharunesh NahendranHace 15 días

    Tony is technically is the Beginning point of this event...REASON : HE created Vision and because Vision is dead wanda created a reality to live with him..

  40. Puspavathy Nahendran

    Puspavathy NahendranHace 15 días


  41. Jello Dragon16

    Jello Dragon16Hace 15 días

    Elizabeth Olsen deserves an Oscar for this.

  42. Standing videos editing REHBAR SIDD

    Standing videos editing REHBAR SIDDHace 15 días

    Put the wonda vision in Hindi language.

  43. Standing videos editing REHBAR SIDD

    Standing videos editing REHBAR SIDDHace 15 días

    @DoctorWhen i like it

  44. DoctorWhen

    DoctorWhenHace 15 días


  45. jalal kamel

    jalal kamelHace 16 días

    WHY AND WHERE is wolverine it would be great if he is an avenger like in comics

  46. Eru

    EruHace 16 días

    If we can get Quicksilver into the MCU, then that means Deadpool and Wolverine can come too

  47. Oktay Güler

    Oktay GülerHace 16 días

    dont you say Sherlock

  48. lasarith2

    lasarith2Hace 16 días

    All I hear is the x- men cartoon theme.

  49. Ken Wilson

    Ken WilsonHace 16 días

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  50. DoctorWhen

    DoctorWhenHace 15 días

    Maybe go onto a money based video instead of posting random irrelevant comments onto marvel trailers :D

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  55. Felipe Sene Januário e Alvarenga Mota

    Felipe Sene Januário e Alvarenga MotaHace 16 días

    Monica: Why haven't you gone in to investigate? Woo: Because it doesn't want me to... Hex: sUcKs MoNiCa iN aLL tHe SudDeN Is there something I missed looking for clues?

  56. Adnan Shalihin

    Adnan ShalihinHace 16 días

    Hey, can you tell me that quicksilver died in avengers 2. Then how is it possible to come back in wandavision movie ?

  57. Khushboo Jha

    Khushboo JhaHace 15 días

    Well that's not the quicksilver who died It's from the X-Men universe

  58. Adnan Shalihin

    Adnan ShalihinHace 15 días

    Of course.

  59. Oktay Güler

    Oktay GülerHace 16 días

    Are you sure that you aware of the theme of the show?

  60. Abid Mansuri

    Abid MansuriHace 16 días

    Plz dub all shows Hindi 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  61. Gamer X

    Gamer XHace 16 días

    Me: how many trailers will marvel show of Wanda vision Marvel: yes

  62. Arif Amin

    Arif AminHace 16 días

    Friday feels like looonger to wait than usual since Wandavision released.

  63. Real APBT Pitbull

    Real APBT PitbullHace 16 días

    Great video send you all my love and hope you will send your love back wish you a great day and send you best greetings from Thailand.🙏😉💞✌️.

  64. hariharan hariharan

    hariharan hariharanHace 16 días

    Who was waiting for MEPHISTO RALPH

  65. angurr L

    angurr LHace 16 días

    The like/dislike ratio tho😳

  66. JustAshort gamer

    JustAshort gamerHace 16 días

    Too bad in my country which brunei darussalam not available for this channel disney+ or via internet sign in. :/

  67. Pomé PUBG

    Pomé PUBGHace 16 días

    Writers: Add a new character Fans: This is Mephisto



    Will you do the Lagos commercial?

  69. It’s Smith

    It’s SmithHace 16 días


  70. Citizen Robot Reacts

    Citizen Robot ReactsHace 16 días

    Jon Watts sucks. Get another director for the fantastic four. Come on, Fiege.

  71. Siva Sanker.V

    Siva Sanker.VHace 16 días

    15 million

  72. Max Mason

    Max MasonHace 16 días

    Jean Grey (Dark Phoenix) VS Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) What if Battle Who Wins

  73. Ben Henderson

    Ben HendersonHace 16 días

    Everybody’s gangsta until Wanda activates her *mangekyou sharingan*

  74. Al Touray

    Al TourayHace 16 días

    Ryan Reynolds's Wade Wilson/Deadpool needs to show up in this show

  75. Kids Clairyne Show

    Kids Clairyne ShowHace 16 días

    I don’t like

  76. Kids Clairyne Show

    Kids Clairyne ShowHace 16 días

    I don’t like

  77. LifeOfRy

    LifeOfRyHace 17 días

    Will Vision ever figure out the secret to tucking in both sides of his collar?

  78. commit

    commitHace 17 días


  79. Beaux Guidry

    Beaux GuidryHace 17 días

    Keanu Reeves, is he going to be Ghost Rider in the Marvel movie that will be part of this? How could it NOT be him?


    CHAOS HOYHace 17 días

    Marvel your new she Hulk sucks it doesn't even look like a she it looks like a man

  81. Khushboo Jha

    Khushboo JhaHace 15 días

    What the???

  82. Cedsoncole

    CedsoncoleHace 17 días


  83. Vizzy

    VizzyHace 17 días

    Seeing the Canadian Lad And Heavy Spoilers Here... Wow...


    HOTGAMESHace 17 días


  85. Rahul Bhatia

    Rahul BhatiaHace 17 días

    Vis:- Wanda, Who is this *That guy*:- Who's that popsicle 😂😂😂

  86. Umut Cem DOĞAN

    Umut Cem DOĞANHace 17 días

    Almost everyone learned Mephisto in last two weeks.

  87. Harshvardhan

    HarshvardhanHace 17 días

    Theory Time : She is doing this on purpose to relive the time with vision after vision is dead. The hydra and Stark industries ads on the show is just her recalling her past with them.

  88. CocoMx

    CocoMxHace 17 días

    Ya quiero veeeeerloooooo xD

  89. Just Omega

    Just OmegaHace 17 días

    Wanda uwu

  90. Kim Jong - Bean

    Kim Jong - BeanHace 17 días

    Thanos dusts gonna buy membership for this series....

  91. Connor Lancaster

    Connor LancasterHace 17 días

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  92. Nathram King

    Nathram KingHace 17 días

    0:05 Easter egg from marvel. Vision finds the border

  93. Brawl Clan

    Brawl ClanHace 17 días


  94. Imunxtoppableツ

    ImunxtoppableツHace 17 días

    I cant wait for Episode 6 But is It Just Me But I wanna See A Series Called Agents Of Hydra Like a Full real One

  95. Bibek Mondal

    Bibek MondalHace 17 días

    plsssssss plssssz. mervel all show dubbed in hindi language.. this is our humble request. plssss dubbed in hindi

  96. Jason Millionaire

    Jason MillionaireHace 17 días


  97. Omega Thunder

    Omega ThunderHace 17 días

    Love the background music

  98. LadyEllesmere

    LadyEllesmereHace 17 días

    Wanda wanted Monica to enter 🤔 subconsciously atleast

  99. JackFlicks

    JackFlicksHace 17 días

    Would be interesting if the kids she creates for the next “Halloween” episode turned out to be mutants.

  100. Bhargav Trivedi

    Bhargav TrivediHace 17 días

    Come on guys! Bring back the punisher, daredevil and iron fist series...do not reboot them..plz

  101. Anandhu Sarith

    Anandhu SarithHace 17 días

    Yeah just great.!! Now I have to wait till every Friday. Just great! Pls release 2 episodes at Fridays.🙁🙁

  102. Lüx Bõt

    Lüx BõtHace 17 días

    Friday come already 😫

  103. Nishok Aniruth

    Nishok AniruthHace 17 días

    When is indian dubbing coming? Waiting. Sooooooooooooon marvel

  104. r e v e l a r e_ XVII

    r e v e l a r e_ XVIIHace 17 días

    0:11 *Now THIS is an Avengers level threat.*

  105. Prince Cooper

    Prince CooperHace 17 días

    Wanda who is that ? "Quicksilver" : You didn't see that coming ?

  106. Ashik P Reji

    Ashik P RejiHace 17 días

    That hand is Wiccan

  107. Poonam Ki Rasoi

    Poonam Ki RasoiHace 17 días

    Nice video👌👌

  108. Poonam Ki Rasoi

    Poonam Ki RasoiHace 17 días

    Stay connected always dear

  109. Fırat KARA

    Fırat KARAHace 17 días

    Yenilmezlere büyük kader cilvesi filmdi gerçek oldu bu nasıl.

  110. srikarani logistics

    srikarani logisticsHace 17 días

    Wanda: We just don't know what to expect. True in this case

  111. Review Master BD

    Review Master BDHace 17 días

    I Love the moment when Quick Silver comes

  112. Aditya H

    Aditya HHace 17 días

    I almost stop watching it. But the movie getting better ever week

  113. Mookan Kandiah

    Mookan KandiahHace 17 días

    Can't wait for ep 6 MARVEL IS BACK BABY

  114. Owpal

    OwpalHace 17 días

    Everybody gangster until Wanda Tilts her head.

  115. Long Gone

    Long GoneHace 17 días

    SPOILER :You guys notice that when vision says "wanda who is this?" He is not refering to quicksilver guys someone new is going to come and i think that is magneto entrance☺

  116. saad Mohammed

    saad MohammedHace 17 días

    I dont think so.

  117. Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Klaus_Dark PhoenixHace 17 días

    why don't WandaVision episode 5 ~ special CM clip

  118. Viggi Entertainment

    Viggi EntertainmentHace 17 días

    We all freaked out when we saw peter sure of that

  119. Luke Skywalker

    Luke SkywalkerHace 17 días

    Even Peter Redeem himself after Fox did him dirty in Dark Phoenix

  120. KranthiWorks

    KranthiWorksHace 17 días

    What the popsicle 😂😂