Triumph | Marvel Studios' WandaVision | Disney+

Everything is under control. Catch up on the first four episodes of Marvel Studios' "WandaVision," now streaming on Disney+.
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  1. Filmy Doper

    Filmy DoperHace 11 horas

    Who's watching this in 2023?😜

  2. marvelous

    marvelousHace 3 días

    0:21 You can see them looking at something or someone. They said there will be a Luke sky walker level cameo so maybe this is that part?

  3. mr dragstic

    mr dragsticHace 18 días

    Dang Marvelous 🤩 first 2 episode were a little boring third one was fantastic 🥺 and 5 one like I had a question Quicksilver died so you casted the x men quicksilver instead of casting the Marvel one so I can say that.....x men and Marvel are linked 😂 😆 , clear my doubt Marvel it's hard than maths 😂 Well my favorite line is when quicksilver told who is that popstick 😂 😆

  4. Salvation

    SalvationHace 18 días

    0:17 if you put on the subs, it says *WE* have everthing under control, instead of *I* 🤔

  5. Baghail Singh

    Baghail SinghHace 18 días


  6. MelinaJuliasCottage

    MelinaJuliasCottageHace 19 días

    'Yes my love' is still so magical

  7. Sunrise Alex

    Sunrise AlexHace 19 días

    This is all wierd and misterious.

  8. funny animation

    funny animationHace 19 días

    Wanda pta nahi ji konsa nasha karti hai 😁😁

  9. Krisna Putra Muhammad #rxfinside

    Krisna Putra Muhammad #rxfinsideHace 19 días

    0:16 wowowowooWOWOOWOWOWOWWWWWW

  10. Fury Mode

    Fury ModeHace 20 días

    If your not watching WandaVision its probably because you like DC

  11. YZC

    YZCHace 21 un día

    "She recast piatro?"

  12. Sergio Alvarado

    Sergio AlvaradoHace 21 un día


  13. Ronni Wane

    Ronni WaneHace 21 un día

    I experienced a mythology like marvel studios and even entertained a lot thanks to marvel, keep doing

  14. Giovanno Regrasio

    Giovanno RegrasioHace 22 días

    If you cannot appreciate the story telling, I mean the sitcom part of the show then maybe you are not a true fan 😌

  15. Bharath

    BharathHace 22 días

    We all know why vision is back . Just to die again LOL I mean his third time

  16. Geraldo Pusta

    Geraldo PustaHace 22 días

    I’m hoping for a Nick Fury and Dr Strange cameo ❤️

  17. Drawing pi

    Drawing piHace 23 días

    "Die twice"😈

  18. Connor

    ConnorHace 23 días

    Wait how many episodes of Wanda vision will there be in total was it revealed?

  19. c32g

    c32gHace 21 un día


  20. Lark

    LarkHace 23 días

    I have everything under control ;)

  21. Kalliopi Memtsas

    Kalliopi MemtsasHace 23 días

    The captions said “if you’re not watching WandaVision you’re missing out”💀💀

  22. Tyler Poirier

    Tyler PoirierHace 23 días

    I had originally thought that she had reanimated Vision in some half assed necromantic way, but the new scenes show Vision confronting Wanda, which makes me wonder if she perhaps really did bring him back to life. Because he appears to have a free will, independent of Wanda, and there are even scenes where it appears they may fight eachother with powers and everything.

  23. Raghav Khurana

    Raghav KhuranaHace 23 días

    Series is getting darker and i like it!!

  24. Sebastian 305

    Sebastian 305Hace 24 días

    When they said how is vision still alive, I thought to myself, well they put the stones back so he was probably remade again. That still doesn’t explain why he appeared dead to Wanda for a second

  25. Lewis

    LewisHace 22 días

    They never said how he came back, we'll find out in the show. He appeared dead because Wanda was reminded of the real reality and thought of Vision being dead. So when she turned around and saw Vision's dead corpse talking, it's what is actually there. She is playing house with a dead corpse.

  26. Wonder Studios

    Wonder StudiosHace 24 días

    0:16 Mefisto

  27. Andrew W

    Andrew WHace 24 días

    it only gets good in episode 4! just watch episode 4 first!

  28. Shyam Taiwala

    Shyam TaiwalaHace 24 días

    When officialy release in hindi ?

  29. J K

    J KHace 24 días

    We want Tobey Maguire ❤️

  30. lalit neupane

    lalit neupaneHace 24 días

    Spiderman Easter egg 0:16

  31. King Kion Sus

    King Kion SusHace 24 días

    This is gonna be a gas

  32. Aviral Jain

    Aviral JainHace 24 días

    Exams are onnnnnn 😞😞😞. Howcome 😭

  33. Anandhu Sarith

    Anandhu SarithHace 24 días

    marvel is finally back!? where did it go????

  34. X Archive

    X ArchiveHace 24 días

    Theory : Episodes 1-4 Wanda's in Control, Episodes 5-9 Vision gradually gets the control through the X character, where X is the True villain of the show.

  35. Pexara Oliva Nassar

    Pexara Oliva NassarHace 24 días

    0:23 Are they targeting her?

  36. Skeleton

    SkeletonHace 24 días

    They show wanda and vision facing each other with powers active buuut trailers can trick you. Dont think they’re fighting

  37. Joseph Huisman

    Joseph HuismanHace 24 días

    Get S.W.O.R.D in. Break the bubble thing. And keep WandaVision going.

  38. Thai Lima

    Thai LimaHace 24 días

    Pls Friday, come soon

  39. Rachel Blenkin

    Rachel BlenkinHace 25 días

    Wow, with the curly/wavy hair, you can really tell she's the Olsen twins' sister.

  40. Foodisgood

    FoodisgoodHace 25 días

    This is the Halloween episode....The episode that the leaked footage of Wanda attacking the Fox X-Men version of Quicksilver wearing her brother's costume.

  41. Carrson Playz

    Carrson PlayzHace 25 días

    0:16 Evan peters? 🤔

  42. Foodisgood

    FoodisgoodHace 25 días

    Did you see the leaked footage? Hes appearing as quicksilver this episode.

  43. wing chun

    wing chunHace 25 días

    Elizabeth is pretty

  44. Fatih Akan

    Fatih AkanHace 25 días

    0:27 wtf that was so fast lıke 2x speed


    MBA AJMERHace 25 días

    Ok ok so I have this thought Maybe wanda is the villain in the multiverse She wants vision back for the right reason but her method is wrong , what if she does something like opening a whole multiverse instead of just a town and now strange has to stop her or something and Wanda is hella creepy in ep.4 and kind of like a villain Idk but maybe she's the villain in multiverse

  46. Abhilasha Rastogi

    Abhilasha RastogiHace 25 días

    Mast ekfum

  47. Chevy Blue

    Chevy BlueHace 25 días


  48. honey_lemon

    honey_lemonHace 25 días

    0:16 is literally the scene where QS comes in.

  49. Hakurei123

    Hakurei123Hace 25 días

    "If you're not watching wanda vision" you probably broke af right now

  50. darth greth

    darth grethHace 25 días

    4 episodes is and really only 15 mins of show. Way to much filler crap. I really wanted this to be good. Oh well there's other things to watch.

  51. Football S SEBO

    Football S SEBOHace 25 días

    Imagine Marvel studios making Spider-man multiverse! That would be a crazy movie!

  52. Foodisgood

    FoodisgoodHace 25 días

    You do know Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are confirmed for Spiderman 3 right?

  53. Acid

    AcidHace 25 días

    she literally controls everything

  54. PANKAJ Meharchandani

    PANKAJ MeharchandaniHace 25 días

    They must Clerifiy only on Disney+ and telegram 🤣🤣

  55. Brie Nuñez

    Brie NuñezHace 25 días

    Omg when she opens the door.....could that be Quicksilver?!!!!😍😍😍

  56. Foodisgood

    FoodisgoodHace 25 días

    Its the fox version. She tells her sons that their uncle is coming to visit. Only problem its not her problem its the fox version of quicksilver wearing her brother's costume. She gets really upset.

  57. Pinaka

    PinakaHace 25 días

    This show is cenematic documentary on mcu

  58. Lewis

    LewisHace 25 días

    Vision will start to really suspect at the end of this episode, probably. I'm very excited for what happens with the rest of this show. There are a lot of possibilities still, even if we know that Wanda did this. The Multiverse Saga is looking great so far!

  59. Ash

    AshHace 25 días

    heck yeah. if you're not watching wandavision you're absolutely missing out, big time.

  60. Gwumpy Guts

    Gwumpy GutsHace 25 días

    i'm gonna throw up omfg

  61. Praveen kumar

    Praveen kumarHace 25 días

    Dubbed in hindi

  62. I LoveChristmas

    I LoveChristmasHace 25 días

    Dead Vision scarred me for life, thanks for that Marvel. Wouldn't be the first time 💖

  63. Oddietewface

    OddietewfaceHace 25 días

    “I’ll show you mutants”

  64. Heidi

    HeidiHace 25 días

    Marvel *is* finally back and it couldn't get any better

  65. Naif Washit

    Naif WashitHace 25 días

    ok guys . Spoiler. Quicksi;ver is coming back in the Halloween episode.

  66. CarryMinati FanClub (NAFIS)

    CarryMinati FanClub (NAFIS)Hace 25 días

    Wanda : We need mutants

  67. BAD BOYS 4

    BAD BOYS 4Hace 21 un día

    I got you quick silver is back

  68. Legend of DRACKO

    Legend of DRACKOHace 24 días

    No replies bruh ......anyway keep copying content

  69. Garry Hadlen

    Garry HadlenHace 25 días

    Okay the real wanda vision series from marvel movies starting this friday

  70. Christine Mathew

    Christine MathewHace 25 días

    Marvel Please don't make Wanda the villain, she's gone through so much and she doesn't need everyone being afraid of her.

  71. Foodisgood

    FoodisgoodHace 25 días

    You need to look at the comics. She is a sometimes villain/sometimes hero just like her father Magneto.

  72. Shelli Meyers

    Shelli MeyersHace 25 días

    Holy crapola!

  73. Magma Cubez

    Magma CubezHace 25 días

    Wanda: *we need mutants*

  74. T

    THace 25 días

    Do top 10 mystique costumes


    SABULAL SHace 25 días

    i think in the last scene where both are flying will have some sort of fight on each other

  76. Savyamm Jhunjhunwala

    Savyamm JhunjhunwalaHace 25 días

    Wanda:*Sees corpse Vision* Vision: You didn't see that coming?

  77. Devonte Hardimon

    Devonte HardimonHace 25 días

    I think she's puppetering Vision's corpse 100% that little flash has happened with other things in those things shows that she's seeing its true form so that means when she saw his dead body that's his true form

  78. Movie Mantis

    Movie MantisHace 25 días

    Marvel is finally Back? they know that they’re sitting ducks!

  79. Paralis

    ParalisHace 25 días

    oh we are watching wanda vision marvel all marvel fas are am I right or am I right

  80. Abdul Qadir

    Abdul QadirHace 25 días

    We're expecting the unexpected!🔥


    SARTHAK JAINHace 25 días

    hey please make this sires also in hindi

  82. Just Call Me Annie

    Just Call Me AnnieHace 25 días

    Ep 4 was AMAZING!

  83. Ario Mc

    Ario McHace 25 días

    Evan peters(mephisto) es el esposo de agnes posiblemente.

  84. Nidhin Rag

    Nidhin RagHace 25 días

    How the episode 6 leaked

  85. hichaelmartline

    hichaelmartlineHace 26 días

    Bettany said in a recent interview (SIC) "There is more CGI in the last 3 episodes of WV than the entirety of Endgame" Buckle up, kids

  86. Aaron

    AaronHace 26 días

    I would like to just pay for Wandavision and avoid Disney+

  87. Tehqzy

    TehqzyHace 26 días

    Cough cough took inspiration from justice league unlimited "for the man that has everything" cough cough

  88. Mr.Noob567

    Mr.Noob567Hace 26 días

    sure it only on Disney plus sure;)

  89. JP

    JPHace 26 días

    Here is my theory: - Wanda is a mutant. - Marvel is going to bring the X-Men in the MCU. My 1st X-Men comic books were an old pile of Uncanny starting at around #117 In there was one of the most powerful villain of Xavier.... The Shadow King! So next season, after Wanda is awaken by Vision, wouldn’t it be a great idea to introduce our beloved Mutant with a Psywar??? 😉

  90. JP

    JPHace 24 días

    @Aria Rowe in The Ultron movie it is said that they got their powers by experiments with the mind stone... But recently there has been hints of the house of M being in the works... What if they were mutants all along and the mind stone experiments just triggered their mutant genes? It wouldn’t be the 1st time that a character as changed in appearance or in powers. The reason that the twins were not branded as mutants is that FOX had the rights to use any character with this tag on them.

  91. Aria Rowe

    Aria RoweHace 25 días

    It was referenced in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D that the MCU versions of Wanda and Pietro are Inhuman as opposed to mutants.

  92. amit kumar gautam

    amit kumar gautamHace 26 días

    Found Episode 1 and 2 boring, Episode 3 interesting and then Episode 4 is like super love much better than dawn of justice.., Story is intense.

  93. Himanshu Laxkar

    Himanshu LaxkarHace 26 días

    I still didn't watch becoz it's not dubbed in hindi Why I take Disney 😩😩😩😩

  94. Memo Grajeda

    Memo GrajedaHace 26 días

    feel like they ruined any sense of mystery after revealing literally everything going on and also forgot to answer if the episodes are prerecorded and why would the alternate reality be able to broadcast from an old TV

  95. Jamie Horne

    Jamie HorneHace 25 días

    There still a mystery

  96. Fusion

    FusionHace 26 días

    0:18 wanda sounds hella evil in this or is that just me

  97. A Weird Human

    A Weird HumanHace 26 días

    I saw it when it was at 666k veiws


    ABOL GAMEHace 26 días

    Televison = Wanda vison

  99. Ilham Wicaksono

    Ilham WicaksonoHace 26 días

    Wanda came to westview to find agatha harkness to learn about her power. She taught her and at some degree wanda lose control and ended up changing reality on the whole westview.

  100. Ines Joshua

    Ines JoshuaHace 26 días

    Broo, don't look at the leaked scenes, got me bad


    BILL MURRAYHace 26 días

    What do they mean , " MARVEL's Back" ? It Never Really Left.

  102. Ashleigh

    AshleighHace 26 días

    Iiiiiiiiiii see a Captain America shield door 0:16 sorta

  103. Inku Ing

    Inku IngHace 26 días

    Still waiting for Disney+ to be available in my country :/

  104. Soner Kerimoğlu

    Soner KerimoğluHace 26 días

    Marvel is my life..

  105. Glasses&Mouthplates

    Glasses&MouthplatesHace 26 días

    Excitement overload and zombie Vision being super creepy aside, the intro scene where Monica/Geraldine got back from Thanos' snap only to learn about what happened to her mother during the timeskip was really sad.

  106. ShinZankuro

    ShinZankuroHace 26 días

    0:26 It seems Wanda is finally snapping, while Vision figured out what the hell is happening. The "evil"[Disassembled/House of M] side of the Scarlet Witch is definitely rising up lol

  107. ViciousOS

    ViciousOSHace 26 días

    Really slow start, you can basically start watching from episode 3 and not miss anything since the "previously on" feature holds the most interesting bits. But episode 4 makes up for it.

  108. Dietro X

    Dietro XHace 26 días

    Loving the journey. So exciting

  109. Jeremy Noel

    Jeremy NoelHace 26 días

    Okay can we talk about the track in this trailer?! My word!

  110. Alec J

    Alec JHace 26 días

    “I have everything under control”

  111. Jeremy Noel

    Jeremy NoelHace 26 días

    Wanda: "I have everything under control" Mephisto: "psyche!"