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Stay tuned to Marvel Studios' "WandaVision" Catch up on the first five episodes before a new episode starts streaming tomorrow on Disney+:
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  1. Filmy Doper

    Filmy DoperHace 10 horas

    Who's watching this in 2023?😜

  2. marvelous

    marvelousHace un día

    Why can’t Wanda just chuck me in Westview like very one that’s stuck there should be happy they’re so lucky

  3. CJ

    CJHace 2 días

    Who else is here from 2023 to rewatch all the fake teases lol .. the show was so gud but phase 5 is something else 😏

  4. Damian wayne

    Damian wayneHace 2 días

    Same Deadpool 3 was amazing

  5. DA ES

    DA ESHace 4 días

    Marvel had No success with Long Series and Seasons The best way to Connect Marvel universe is to create Mini series with two Seasons and six to nine episodes Like true detectives one of the best Mini series ever Made With Dare Devil , Jessica Jones , Iron Fist , Luke Cage and the punisher , tgeymade the mistake in Netflix IT lost the Intention with Stretching Moments Too Long making Situation Too complicated You can explain characters Like in suicide Squad , maybe a Bit More detailed but someone the Marvel series was Not built perfect With Mini series you can create single short Films coming together AS one Like single Comics you buy Waging for the next The Same Happend to Gotham with Stretching Things around the riddler making IT Too complicated with Too many characters If Marvel Switches to Mini series They will get an enormous Impact between the movies in Cinema creating very good in Point Bridges Agents of shield is also Too Long Thats sad hopefully They Dont so the Same mistakes with Loki , Wanda and Vision , Falcon and Winter soldier 2 Seasons with 16 to 18 Episoden

  6. Tessa Lewis

    Tessa LewisHace 5 días

    I am so curious....who's Ralph?

  7. Antônia Francisca

    Antônia FranciscaHace 7 días


  8. Ammanullah Ismail

    Ammanullah IsmailHace 7 días

    Please standby. Only 30Min Episodes. Always putting us on cliffhanger every week. Its not fair. Its like controlling us. Why cant we have 1 hour per Episode.

  9. Ashraff Haquem

    Ashraff HaquemHace 8 días

    I hope the director of this show stays for future Marvel Studios projects!

  10. Gaia

    GaiaHace 8 días

    pls Marvel... we need a new trailer... it's been a week...

  11. Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Klaus_Dark PhoenixHace 9 días

    Dr. Darcy (Waitress MAX) and Detective Jimmy Team Up ~ "Agents of ATLAS" joint shang chi or Daughter of Dragon elements

  12. Christophe Bellanger

    Christophe BellangerHace 10 días

    Happy Birthdaaayyyyyy today ! Elisabeth 😘💓

  13. Senpai call Me Obama

    Senpai call Me ObamaHace 10 días

    Isn't it ironic that i got a wandavision ad in this video

  14. Angel Jimmy

    Angel JimmyHace 10 días

    Wey no puedo esperar al viernes, me dejaron así :0

  15. Atom smasher

    Atom smasherHace 10 días


  16. szewei1985

    szewei1985Hace 10 días

    Haha cool

  17. SVenja Meier

    SVenja MeierHace 10 días

    I’m the only one who wants to play in a marvel movie ? I don’t know why I’m in love with this Serie it’s amazing 🥰

  18. krishna

    krishnaHace 10 días

    Only doctor strange can stop Her

  19. Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Klaus_Dark PhoenixHace 10 días

    Next to Mephisto Vs Galactus New ideas...hahaha devil & god Mephis'ta + Galac'ta = 2 broke Girls teamup. (Ta 塔 = 墨菲斯塔/伽娜塔)his daughters is best Friendships on Strange Academy!

  20. Ms. Nola

    Ms. NolaHace 11 días

    What or who is after WandaVision?

  21. Abhishek Kumar

    Abhishek KumarHace 11 días

    Quicksilver of xmen is living in Westview. Those all people belongs there. The guy lived their and casted as pietro, Wanda brother as for her reality. But mutants are coming into MCU

  22. Evan Fisher

    Evan FisherHace 11 días

    This is our home, then let's fight for it. Oh oh major spoiler. I know how it will unfold. Vision finally understands he can only be alive in Wanda's reality, so he has no choice but to defend Westville.


    GLADSON RAJHace 10 días

    @Rl yeah

  24. Rl

    RlHace 11 días

    Vision will chose to kill him self to save all the people

  25. LA3G462

    LA3G462Hace 11 días

    Netflix Marvel felt like most see. This, not so much. I was going to wait till the end to binge all the episodes. Now kinda feel like I can wait till the end of the next series to start watching. I'm a ol' skool marvel fan. Anyone, why should I watch this show ?

  26. Jacsgeeks

    JacsgeeksHace 11 días

    Because it’s important to the mcu

  27. Anonymous Anon

    Anonymous AnonHace 11 días

    Please raise your voice for Ben 10 episodes (in Marvel style)😉😉

  28. алёша селифанов

    алёша селифановHace 11 días

    Ванда / Вижн 2 сезон дата выхода жду

  29. Piyush Chandnani

    Piyush ChandnaniHace 11 días

    0:45 "Satisfying" it is not only satisfying it is a masterpiece and beginning of Phase 4 of MCU.

  30. Rahul

    RahulHace 11 días

    Why you don't dubbed it into Hindi 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  31. Prophecy Believer

    Prophecy BelieverHace 11 días

    Unleash hell demon spawn

  32. Chiputi Man

    Chiputi ManHace 11 días

    Please tell me the next episode is longer?

  33. Damian wayne

    Damian wayneHace 2 días

    The nextt episode is 47 mins

  34. Chiputi Man

    Chiputi ManHace 11 días

    @Elite G. I hope to god you are right and fiege is not lying

  35. Elite G.

    Elite G.Hace 11 días

    Feige confirmed that the last three episodes are an hour long. So we’re in for a ride these next couple Friday’s.

  36. S W

    S WHace 12 días

    Every week it leaves me scratching my head wondering what the heck is going on and who writes this complex story but I like the show.

  37. Bizzy Brown

    Bizzy BrownHace 12 días

    Could the guest be Immortus. Loki’s series is based off another Wanda and Vision story from the comics that kicked off the events of WandaVision : Immortus is sent by the Time keepers to destroy Wanda before she could conceive children and he influenced the Wanda/Vision relationship figuring that Wanda couldn’t have kids w/ Vision. Also Kang (the younger Immortus) is confirmed to be the villain in Ant Man 3. Haven’t seen anyone post this theory yet.

  38. Stiles Stilinski

    Stiles StilinskiHace 12 días


  39. Ashraff Haquem

    Ashraff HaquemHace 12 días

    I just love this show!

  40. Gerry

    GerryHace 12 días

    Asking paul (vision) what is the heart of this show????? 😏😏😉

  41. Akshay Thakur

    Akshay ThakurHace 12 días

    i getting vibes that the mind stone is the real villain here

  42. Ghivi Fahmi

    Ghivi FahmiHace 12 días

    Make a scene where Wanda duplicates herself as an excuse to hire Mary Kate and Ashley ;)

  43. Mr G

    Mr GHace 12 días

    Monica, Dr. Woo, and Darcy need their own show.

  44. Ahmed Mustafa

    Ahmed MustafaHace 12 días

    Reason Hayward being a B*tch cause he was given role of commentator in Real Steal and now jumped up to Director of SWORD made him Arrogant as well as Coward

  45. Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Klaus_Dark PhoenixHace 12 días

    New PV of WandaVision episode 8~10? Dr. Darcy Lewis become NPC Miss Max waitress (2 broke Girls) of "Red Experience" Games ~ Silent Hill version

  46. Flammable Productions

    Flammable ProductionsHace 13 días

    I’m Having a feeling they’re a unusual couple

  47. ZipZop the Cat

    ZipZop the CatHace 13 días

    If vision is dead a third time at the end of this show I'm gonna be furious

  48. Joshua Farrar

    Joshua FarrarHace 13 días

    Now there a little better

  49. Queen AMC

    Queen AMCHace 13 días

    It’s one thing I wanna know and it’s if Wanda can beat Phoenix I think she can but I want marvel opinion but I do know she can resist the Phoenix and cause pain to its host

  50. 091696g

    091696gHace 13 días

    if mutants comes in from wandavision and Spider-men 3. they will be a new war, where the human population might be fedup with all this cosmic/supernatural events. meaning while dr strange is busy realigning the multiverse, mutants might be introduce and will be hated by humans and would force a mutant vs superhuman battle. and somehow this could go choatic and a new villain might come in while resurrecting a thanos, as x men universe infinity stone is still in play. hahaha. im blabbing but if am close Marvel go give me a like and comment lol

  51. Rizal Rizqiansyah

    Rizal RizqiansyahHace 13 días

    paul bettany voices is a god gift i'm sure

  52. Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Klaus_Dark PhoenixHace 13 días

    How BIG to RED storm Circle 紅色暴風圈 之結界? Dr. Darcy Lewis ~Be Dive into the red experience, what form will she change? her Lip smear-crimson lipstick

  53. Anis Humaira

    Anis HumairaHace 13 días

    I live how they make this a series rather than a movie. You felt so giddy every friday

  54. Faraz Ahmad

    Faraz AhmadHace 13 días

    Not just show, Olsen's acting is Also getting better and better 😍

  55. Manchikalapati sudheer Singh

    Manchikalapati sudheer SinghHace 13 días

    Oh God when is black widow

  56. Isaiah09

    Isaiah09Hace 13 días

    Can't wait for Wanda's return in multiverse of madness.


    PALINDROMEHace 13 días

    This is mind bending and I love it !


    PALINDROMEHace 13 días

    Director Hayward is seen as hating superheroes , and in the trailer of Falcon and the Winter Soldier , we hear that the villain also wants superheroes to cease to exist . Does this mean these series are interconnected ?

  59. Maaz Khan

    Maaz KhanHace 13 días

    If Paul bettany doesn't wins an Emmy for this, I don't know what to say

  60. Iain Leask

    Iain LeaskHace 13 días

    Blue marvel is Monica's contact.

  61. marvel us

    marvel usHace 13 días

    Subscribe our channel for funny marvel videos

  62. Addison Jarosz

    Addison JaroszHace 13 días

    Alright y’all. Wtf is up with that floating Infinity stone at the end

  63. Woogie Boogie

    Woogie BoogieHace 13 días

    How about Disney cancelling Gina Carano because she exercised her free speech? I love Mandilorion, but cancelled my membership to Disney +. You should all do the same, Disney has no tolerance for different opinions or free speech. Take a stand. Out grandparents fought on the beaches of Normandy, the least we can do is cancel a membership.

  64. Sơn Nguyễn Xuân

    Sơn Nguyễn XuânHace 13 días

    well yes, also never watch anything from marvel studio again as it is under Disney now, am i right?

  65. the 420 affect

    the 420 affectHace 13 días

    My theory about the ending of this trailer is that Wanda figures out that her brother is not who he says he is. so she has to defend the inside of the hex because as we know no one from the outside is able to penetrate it and if so they lose all of their memories. So I'm thinking the fighting sequence is between Wanda and fake Pietro

  66. Joseph Hanes

    Joseph HanesHace 13 días

    Trash worst thing since cap marvel never even made it to the end

  67. Will McM

    Will McMHace 13 días

    Mephisto. That's the move.

  68. Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Klaus_Dark PhoenixHace 12 días

    his daughter is Mephista

  69. salaciousBastard

    salaciousBastardHace 14 días

    So how many episodes are in the first season total? When's the finale?

  70. salaciousBastard

    salaciousBastardHace 13 días

    @Elite G. Thanks.

  71. Elite G.

    Elite G.Hace 13 días

    9 episodes in total, which means the season finale will be on march 5th.

  72. GPCrafty

    GPCraftyHace 14 días

    The latest episode was crazy

  73. Precious Oreka

    Precious OrekaHace 14 días

    You really must drop all episodes tonight... I can't wait another 8days😭😭😭

  74. Ribotto Studios

    Ribotto StudiosHace 14 días

    If we don't get Doctor Stephen Strange arriving to the Hex saying "Maximoff! I've come to bargain!" in Multiverse of Madness Imma demand a refund.

  75. Nicholas Nery

    Nicholas NeryHace 14 días


  76. EvA. Ns

    EvA. NsHace 14 días

    Well played Marvel I am so happy to witness this magic happening ..!!♥️

  77. steve blum

    steve blumHace 14 días

    If something you watching saids a spoiler alert then it must be a SPOILER ALERT!

  78. i E

    i EHace 14 días

    Can someone describe this episode without spoilers

  79. Scholofofono

    ScholofofonoHace 13 días

    Pietro acts like an older brother to the twins, the Sword trio rebels, and Vision explores most of the Hex. Also Wanda bonds with Pietro.

  80. Sơn Nguyễn Xuân

    Sơn Nguyễn XuânHace 14 días

    🚥🧙‍♀️ 🤡🎪⬅️⬡➡️

  81. Birisi

    BirisiHace 14 días

    @Dominguez Christopher funny comment

  82. Dominguez Christopher

    Dominguez ChristopherHace 14 días

    Pietro dies 😞

  83. Birisi

    BirisiHace 14 días

    @i E 10 Go and watch

  84. Joshua johnson

    Joshua johnsonHace 14 días

    Wanda vision episode six spoiler:who got call of duty vibes when she expanded the field

  85. NiGHTSaturn

    NiGHTSaturnHace 14 días

    Spoilers for episode 6 Why was it a 2000’s episode? All references had nothing to do with the 90’s.

  86. Pixel Paranoid

    Pixel ParanoidHace 14 días

    This has 0 spoilers

  87. Joey Mariasua

    Joey MariasuaHace 14 días

    Here's the thing Wanda moves to a town far away is depressed watches a TV imagines her life as a sitcom is lied to by agnes that she can recreate the soul stone while its an illusion she unknowingly creates the hex and everyone in it

  88. Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Klaus_Dark PhoenixHace 14 días

    JoJo stand skills Gold Experience Vs Red Experience by Wanda version of Silent Hills

  89. Rory B

    Rory BHace 14 días

    fantastic show !

  90. Davi Araújo

    Davi AraújoHace 14 días

    Aaron Taylor Johnson yes Evan peters Nou

  91. Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Klaus_Dark PhoenixHace 14 días

    Great powerfully ! Mad & Nightmare Wanda out of Control Call her power is "RED experience" [ 紅色體驗 ] 汪達暴走了!

  92. Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Klaus_Dark PhoenixHace 14 días

    WandaVision ~ Prologue to connection New Series backgrounds by "Strange Academy" storyline. 查閱 ~《漫威》地獄的權力體系,"唯一" 坐上撒旦王座的惡魔:墨菲斯托 /«漫威» 最有名的幾大地獄,你能說出幾個?帶您了解 漫威 "惡魔學"


    PL TUTORIAISHace 14 días

    Cade o trailer do ep 7 marvelll


    THUNDER GODHace 14 días

    They must sent hawkeye in there and everything's gonna be fine.

  95. Sukhman Singh

    Sukhman SinghHace 14 días

    Marble I Am Your Biggest Fan but marble please release the web series in Hindi dubbed

  96. Vansh sharma

    Vansh sharmaHace 14 días

    Waiting for ep7❤️❤️❤️❤️

  97. manjunath patil

    manjunath patilHace 14 días

    What's going on man just saw episode 6.omggggggg freaking cool. but we just have 3 episodes to go. Please make us clear what's going on in there, is there any villain or dear Wanda is doing this all man. Please make it clear man everything is going over the head. Can't understand how you can fix it in 3 episodes. The time is side hex is going very slow but the things outside Westview are going as fast as bullet. Can't understand why this is happening but I think you got something to show us clearly. Because after every episode we are given more question rather then our answers to previous question please end it properly and please don't let the story for second season because we are completely exhausted. please end it here and end well . .

  98. manjunath patil

    manjunath patilHace 14 días

    @Alter Storm I hope so

  99. Alter Storm

    Alter StormHace 14 días

    Yo chill out, they know what they're doing

  100. muhammad adeel lakhair

    muhammad adeel lakhairHace 14 días

    give thor a happy story line!!!!!!

  101. Sonic Shadow

    Sonic ShadowHace 14 días

    The hex expans, Darcy is inside it.

  102. Studio Potes

    Studio PotesHace 14 días

    WandaVision is a great show, really a good surprise tbh i didn’t expect it to be that good

  103. mEpHiStO bOo

    mEpHiStO bOoHace 14 días


  104. SAVIN M

    SAVIN MHace 14 días

    will iron man come back

  105. Manuel Sanchez

    Manuel SanchezHace 14 días


  106. Arush Agarwal

    Arush AgarwalHace 14 días

    Hey marvel why didn't the episode came now it's 1:30pm and Its Friday

  107. Hayden Sigurdson

    Hayden SigurdsonHace 14 días

    Whos staying up late to watch in 3 mins

  108. Malothu Krishna Dev

    Malothu Krishna DevHace 14 días

    Wife and husband fighting.

  109. Krishnaveni vijayaraghvan

    Krishnaveni vijayaraghvanHace 14 días

    Bye bye Vision have a great holiday

  110. Razy Abdulla

    Razy AbdullaHace 14 días

    I think In season 2 the villain will come

  111. boba fan

    boba fanHace 14 días

    There is no season 2

  112. DoctorWhen

    DoctorWhenHace 14 días

    Nah, villains agnes's husband Ralph aka mephisto

  113. Pratyush Bhagat

    Pratyush BhagatHace 14 días

    "It's not like your dead husband can die twice"

  114. Aryan Banyal

    Aryan BanyalHace 13 días


  115. Charan

    CharanHace 14 días

    Why once a week!COME ON!!!!!

  116. DoctorWhen

    DoctorWhenHace 14 días

    Ikr it should have two episodes a week, on fridays and Tuesdays

  117. Ishan Kumar

    Ishan KumarHace 14 días

    Great respect for Paul bettany for his acting and performance

  118. Daniel Barrera

    Daniel BarreraHace 14 días


  119. Rebox Tracks

    Rebox TracksHace 14 días

    Dhere Dhere Bol koi sun na le Sun na le Baba sun na le

  120. Nitza Martinez

    Nitza MartinezHace 14 días

    Marvel should bring back Ultrón as a father figur for vision . You know because ultron Is the creador of vision and Wanda hateds ultron for killing Is brother

  121. Nick Kane

    Nick KaneHace 14 días

    Each week I enjoy Elizabeth Olsen more and more. She has grown as an actress over the years as Wanda.

  122. Mamta Gupta

    Mamta GuptaHace 14 días

    Above link is only for 18 plus Indian women

  123. DoctorWhen

    DoctorWhenHace 14 días

    Did anybody ask?