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Tune in for every working theory. The first four episodes of Marvel Studios' “WandaVision” are now streaming on Disney+:
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  1. Filmy Doper

    Filmy DoperHace 10 horas

    Who's watching this in 2023?😜

  2. lanieta vakasevi

    lanieta vakaseviHace 3 días

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  3. Not_iaboo

    Not_iabooHace 5 días

    Who else is just here for Jimmy W💫💫

  4. Not_iaboo

    Not_iabooHace 3 días

    @yolol u American lol saying kiddo

  5. yolol

    yololHace 3 días

    @Not_iaboo shuusshhh kiddo

  6. Not_iaboo

    Not_iabooHace 3 días

    @yolol shuuush jokeman

  7. yolol

    yololHace 3 días

    Kid just go kiddo

  8. Tessa Lewis

    Tessa LewisHace 5 días

    Someone get this women a therapist

  9. Tanveer Ali

    Tanveer AliHace 7 días

    When is the TV show? Wandavision

  10. yolol

    yololHace 7 días

    Its already out about 1 month ago

  11. MiD Knight

    MiD KnightHace 12 días


  12. haunted medic

    haunted medicHace 12 días

    I love that theory

  13. Raymond Contrera

    Raymond ContreraHace 13 días

    Jimmy woo is my favorite character, make his own show marvel!

  14. q chan

    q chanHace 13 días

    now darcy is casted in her favorite show

  15. TWSTF 8

    TWSTF 8Hace 14 días

    His, "Goons," she said lol that's awesome 🤣👍

  16. Bhuvan

    BhuvanHace 14 días

    Heyy!! Thats the Asian Jim Halpert.

  17. محمد جمهوری

    محمد جمهوریHace 15 días

    بنده دارسی و جیمی رو شیپ میکنم

  18. Ek Khatun

    Ek KhatunHace 15 días

    Please release in india in hindi dubbing please we love Marvel

  19. Ek Khatun

    Ek KhatunHace 15 días

    Please release in india in hindi dubbing please we love Marvel

  20. Ek Khatun

    Ek KhatunHace 15 días

    Please release in india in hindi dubbing please we love Marvel

  21. Ek Khatun

    Ek KhatunHace 15 días

    Please release in india in hindi dubbing please we love Marvel

  22. Ek Khatun

    Ek KhatunHace 15 días

    Please release in india in hindi dubbing please we love Marvel

  23. Ek Khatun

    Ek KhatunHace 15 días

    Please release in india in hindi dubbing please we love Marvel

  24. Ek Khatun

    Ek KhatunHace 15 días

    Please release in india in hindi dubbing please we love Marvel

  25. Ek Khatun

    Ek KhatunHace 15 días

    Please release in india in hindi dubbing please we love Marvel

  26. Ek Khatun

    Ek KhatunHace 15 días

    Please release in india in hindi dubbing please we love Marvel

  27. Ek Khatun

    Ek KhatunHace 15 días

    Please release in india in hindi dubbing please we love Marvel

  28. harley Deadpool love

    harley Deadpool loveHace 15 días

    It's a working theory!

  29. Shipra Purkayastha

    Shipra PurkayasthaHace 17 días

    hey marvel can u please reply why is vision dead BRING HIM BACK

  30. dan raz

    dan razHace 17 días

    That guy is a skrull! He said Cosmic microwave background so fast that is another level like fury. And we know who he is! 😂

  31. John Paul Tamayo

    John Paul TamayoHace 18 días

    Not blipped, dead. Spoilers

  32. eliaswolf77

    eliaswolf77Hace 18 días

    Tommy and Billy: Dad did you have a brother? Vision: Yes I killed him but I think I have a sister whose stuck inside a teenager's fighting pajamas in New York

  33. pajimacas

    pajimacasHace 15 días

    I don't get this reference... Please enlighten me... Thanks!

  34. Mehmet Aybak

    Mehmet AybakHace 18 días

    Little Jimmy Woo

  35. Virgiawan Mohamad

    Virgiawan MohamadHace 18 días

    Wait, is that Jim? Jim is not asian

  36. Pryme54

    Pryme54Hace 19 días

    I'm kinda hoping that Mojo is involved, just to be a darkhorse spoiler (and save Mephisto for a future story/conflict).

  37. Sunrise Alex

    Sunrise AlexHace 19 días

    Nice clip. Gives me my own speculations even thow i didnt started watching.

  38. saravana saravana

    saravana saravanaHace 19 días

    Release indian language plz😭😭😭😭

  39. WandaVision

    WandaVisionHace 19 días

    I'm new on ESdos and I make WandaVision Clips. I would really apreciate it if you check my channel out :)

  40. Summerset Homes

    Summerset HomesHace 19 días

    When will they bring in Roti and Misty to help monica

  41. Summerset Homes

    Summerset HomesHace 19 días

    Oops ment Riri the girl from MIT that Iron man groomed to be his replacement and Misty night

  42. Casey Ray Harris. Esquire

    Casey Ray Harris. EsquireHace 19 días

    Indeed life imitating art imitating life & art. Vice versa. From us to comics to film back to us

  43. sdot

    sdotHace 19 días

    I love agents of shield, and I hope I'm not prisoner of the moment. I'm not sure if I have ever seen a better harmony between television and film.

  44. BULATAO Channel 195

    BULATAO Channel 195Hace 19 días

    Basically me when someone asks me questions: 0:46

  45. Mahesh Raju

    Mahesh RajuHace 20 días

    Release all at once Marvel

  46. Mithun Varghese

    Mithun VargheseHace 20 días

    Doctor Strange's next movie is called 'Multiverse of Madness'. Is it because due to the new pocket reality of Wanda and chaos it created many characters from different timeline start to pop up, just like Pietro, Spiderman, etc. Eventually creating mayhem of big magnitude that Doctor Strange has to intervene.

  47. steve blum

    steve blumHace 20 días

    How is quicksilver able to return to Wanda's side even though quicksilver was kill by ultron in "avengers 2" ?

  48. faith white

    faith whiteHace 20 días

    that would be so weird

  49. Rob Brown

    Rob BrownHace 20 días

    Wanda, will be the inadvertent 'villain' for Spiderman 3 and Dr Strange 2, possibly Ant-man 3 also. There needs to be a threat between Thanos and the next major MCU villain. You can't go from one long-term relationship to another without a rebound in between. It fits Marvel's game tactics.

  50. ContANT 2

    ContANT 2Hace 20 días

    Lol. I feel bad for Netflix seeing all the announcements Disney plus is making

  51. ContANT 2

    ContANT 2Hace 16 días


  52. Sairaj karad

    Sairaj karadHace 18 días


  53. huhu hihi

    huhu hihiHace 20 días

    i want all episode right now

  54. Sir Kevz Florentino Cudal

    Sir Kevz Florentino CudalHace 20 días

    Max Black watching a SitCom

  55. Gordon Tran

    Gordon TranHace 20 días

    Aaron Taylor Johnson should have been Quicksilver because he was the original one and Evan Peters should have been Speed aka Tommy when he’s older

  56. ARĒS

    ARĒSHace 20 días

    Maybe it's an x-men and mcu crossover remember there is a multiverse

  57. george.

    george.Hace 21 un día

    Best clip ever

  58. Sarah .B

    Sarah .BHace 21 un día

    I just realised woo is the new coulson 💔 I miss Agent Coulson

  59. MJ

    MJHace 21 un día

    For marvel to be posting this it means this clip is very important.

  60. PeterXDM

    PeterXDMHace 21 un día

    A request if u may, please don't kill Wanda

  61. Poor Clasher

    Poor ClasherHace 21 un día

    I have a request to Kevin feign that don’t connect fox studios xmen and avengers.Pietro changed seriously man it’s so not cool of course we want xmen but new xmen

  62. thequietboi

    thequietboiHace 21 un día

    i'm Shocked after seeing Quicksilver in the ep 5 OMFG!!!!

  63. Johnny Lamont

    Johnny LamontHace 21 un día

    Wow, episode 5 was huge! don't spoilt it in the comments folks

  64. YZC

    YZCHace 21 un día

    "She recast piatro?"

  65. Đạt Falcon

    Đạt FalconHace 21 un día

    0:26 the blip she talk about is the snap from professor hulk bring everyone back from descimation

  66. Đạt Falcon

    Đạt FalconHace 21 un día

    @DoctorWhen i just write command for some people know the blip is that mean i said

  67. DoctorWhen

    DoctorWhenHace 21 un día

    We know, we're marvel fans

  68. Sergio Alvarado

    Sergio AlvaradoHace 21 un día


  69. Andrew Roberts

    Andrew RobertsHace 21 un día

    No why would you incorporate the foxmen in to the MCU way God why Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We won't the X-MEN not the foxmen!

  70. uncanny dcmarvelous

    uncanny dcmarvelousHace 21 un día

    Evan Peters (FoX-Men's Quicksilver) may be actually playing Mephisto, playing Pietro to keep Wanda in the sitcom reality.

  71. szewei1985

    szewei1985Hace 21 un día

    OMG kat dennings is cute😍🤩

  72. 70 janhavi belnekar

    70 janhavi belnekarHace 21 un día

    Why are people not talking about the advertisment couple in wanda vision .... All the people in "sitcom" were discussed about but them ..... 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  73. Sairaj karad

    Sairaj karadHace 18 días

    yeah🧐 i think they're Wanda's parents

  74. Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Klaus_Dark PhoenixHace 21 un día

    Jimmy and Wang will join Sitcom shows?? 70's Master "Stephen Edwin King & Hitchcock" elements with WandaVision media shows

  75. Ishant Walia

    Ishant WaliaHace 22 días

    Jimmy: “Wanda, who’s doing this to you?” Wanda: “I don’t know, I don’t know and I don’t know.”

  76. sdot

    sdotHace 19 días

    if you thought it was ant-man trying to reach wanda

  77. Furious fragment

    Furious fragmentHace 22 días

    Bad acting at its best. But we are here for Wanda.

  78. The OG GM's Adventures.

    The OG GM's Adventures.Hace 22 días


  79. OctoDan

    OctoDanHace 22 días

    Darcy is amazing in this show

  80. Hardik Rathore

    Hardik RathoreHace 22 días

    Till the end of the series we can join all wandavision clips to make all 10 episodes in just 1 hour 😂

  81. Jeremy Tung

    Jeremy TungHace 22 días

    If anything this episode taught me that there are episodes of the sitcom that are “lost”.

  82. Brandon Jackson

    Brandon JacksonHace 22 días

    Although there is nothing wrong here, why did marvel upload this clip and not another one. We've seen this before.

  83. Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Klaus_Dark PhoenixHace 22 días

    Guess... who's devil 666 or Skrull support Queen?

  84. Aaron Pereira

    Aaron PereiraHace 22 días

    Darcy looks like artery from call of duty titles, not gonna lie;)

  85. Rafael Calvay

    Rafael CalvayHace 22 días

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  86. Friend of Jesus

    Friend of JesusHace 22 días

    Jesus urged people everywhere to ask forgiveness from him. Therefore, if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved9

  87. Anguram Shanmugam

    Anguram ShanmugamHace 22 días

    That guy..! 😂😂😂 real entertainer

  88. MD Akhjar

    MD AkhjarHace 22 días

    This scene was chilling!

  89. Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Klaus_Dark PhoenixHace 22 días

    Jimmy and Wang ( Doctor Strange supporter ) best Partnerships haha

  90. yrii

    yriiHace 22 días

    did she voice mabel from gravity falls? i cannot stop imagining her as mabel

  91. я хороший

    я хорошийHace 22 días

    Wanda vision wan wanda vision..

  92. я хороший

    я хорошийHace 22 días

    Кто русский? Или я один такой...

  93. Thanh Vu

    Thanh VuHace 22 días

    Imagine they keep watching, and at some point they see themselves in the tv, watching wandavision lol

  94. Shubham Thakor

    Shubham ThakorHace 22 días

    Plz Give this in Hindi language in India... Big Fan of Marvel Universe ❤

  95. Benji 02

    Benji 02Hace 22 días


  96. я хороший

    я хорошийHace 22 días

    ))) i have it stuck... The best soundtrack!

  97. Nitesh Singh

    Nitesh SinghHace 22 días

    why darcia why not jane or doc selvig

  98. Riz Z

    Riz ZHace 22 días


  99. Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Klaus_Dark PhoenixHace 22 días

    WandaVision 劇中 "戲裡戲外" 視覺穿插 戲情走向 非常好的"開局" SWORDS agents 如何 突入 "虛幻電視劇情空間" [ 反客為主 ] 挽救 汪達 helped to Wanda

  100. Alexandre Araujo

    Alexandre AraujoHace 23 días

    dude from sword totally is a skrull

  101. Freedom Pancakes

    Freedom PancakesHace 23 días

    Bald Eagle from Stranger Things is coming up with his own theories and watching WandaVision from his own old TV he kept just for this type of situation.

  102. Freedom Pancakes

    Freedom PancakesHace 23 días

    Hearing the TV turn on and everyone in shock by the sitcom playing makes it so eerie.


    AVANISH DUTTAHace 23 días

    What if agnes is just an image? What if she isn't real? There wasn't any id card on her picture? Just saying. It could not be true also.

  104. Davi Stark 64

    Davi Stark 64Hace 23 días

    Marvel : Instead of getting new stuff on the clips, you will get a clip that shows what you already got on last week's episode :)

  105. Luis A. Gonzalez

    Luis A. GonzalezHace 23 días

    Ohhhh look, it's Mephisto in disguise as the director of S.W.O.R.D. He seems very concerned that there is a broadcast.. hmmmm P.s I can only imagine what kind of lifestyle the people disliking this video have.

  106. Darth Vader

    Darth VaderHace 23 días

    I really like her accent

  107. Michael

    MichaelHace 23 días

    I thought the first 2 episodes were super boring. I'm glad it's picking up the pace.

  108. Antriksh Mathur

    Antriksh MathurHace 23 días

    Vision's computational service job to 'analyze our input and output' is weird, There is in and out files at every office desk. What in, what out?

  109. Muktadir Rahman

    Muktadir RahmanHace 23 días

    So they're watching Wandavision inside Wandavision

  110. Erdi ÖZGÜL

    Erdi ÖZGÜLHace 23 días


  111. Brian M

    Brian MHace 23 días

    It's gonna be a gas!

  112. ishita

    ishitaHace 23 días

    You know that part in the first trailer where Agnes is in a car and Vision wakes her up and she asks if she's dead and vision says no why would you say that and she replies cuz uou are? That makes sense now

  113. Carven Ridge

    Carven RidgeHace 23 días

    Maybe they bring him back to life! I hope.. There had better be a happy ending to this season or I would’ve watched this for nothing....😤😡

  114. Jamie McAteer

    Jamie McAteerHace 23 días

    How many clips will you reuse? Marvel: Yes

  115. DKC

    DKCHace 23 días

    Guys.. you have been mentioning about big bang theory few times. I hope its a hint that bbt will be one of the tribute.

  116. Diego Rosales

    Diego RosalesHace 23 días

    Will Vision Be Alive some way?

  117. Senior Ricketts

    Senior RickettsHace 23 días

    "Probably just a case of the mondays" "Amirite?"