Prepare | Marvel Studios' WandaVision | Disney+

Nothing can prepare you for what's next. An all-new episode of Marvel Studios' “WandaVision” starts streaming Friday on Disney+.
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  1. Angela Jacob

    Angela JacobHace 2 días

    Soon you will see Zombies bited ur fare off. Ur pretty small eyes one.

  2. Angela Jacob

    Angela JacobHace 2 días

    did Wanda tell his Vision (oh her vision?) that pay me, beautiful. I am no sugar daddy of urs . She still mixs up she and him? Oh, my bad.

  3. Joanna Danvers

    Joanna DanversHace 10 días

    I heard nick fury will appear in wandavision. Bring goose back

  4. Joanna Danvers

    Joanna DanversHace 3 días

    @yolol goose is not dead. Idk what ur talking about

  5. yolol

    yololHace 3 días

    @Joanna Danvers you dont get what I mean??

  6. Joanna Danvers

    Joanna DanversHace 3 días

    @yolol um said who? Feige said flerkens live longer and did you saw goose die? Was it confirmed? No so shut up

  7. yolol

    yololHace 4 días

    Goose...she dead honey

  8. Hean Sodanith

    Hean SodanithHace 13 días

    Haha haha haha all the about the show was haha haha haha literally every scene was haha haha haha

  9. Daniel Jaek

    Daniel JaekHace 17 días

    Daniel Jaek

  10. Sunrise Alex

    Sunrise AlexHace 19 días

    Prepare to give me my Access.

  11. YZC

    YZCHace 21 un día

    "She recast piatro?"

  12. J K

    J KHace 24 días

    We want Tobey Maguire ❤️

  13. Andrew Emms

    Andrew EmmsHace 25 días

    What’s with Wanda blinking so much ??

  14. Akash yadav-405

    Akash yadav-405Hace 26 días

    plz wanda vision series dubbed in hindi language

  15. Soulegal

    SoulegalHace 27 días

    pov: you just don't know what to expect

  16. David Vera

    David VeraHace 27 días

    Gracias Marvel 😊

  17. Sudip Das

    Sudip DasHace 27 días

    *We want hindi dubbed movie* @MARVEL

  18. Kishore Kumar

    Kishore KumarHace 27 días

    Pls tamil dubbing do it all

  19. szewei1985

    szewei1985Hace 27 días


  20. Rafael Calvay

    Rafael CalvayHace 27 días

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  21. Jon Moore

    Jon MooreHace 28 días

    If Wandavision's this good, Falcon and Winter Soldier & Loki are gonna kill!...

  22. Wicked Shades Productions

    Wicked Shades ProductionsHace 28 días

    I just watched the next episode and felt like an actual MCU movie

  23. Jay Payne

    Jay PayneHace 28 días

    Marvel and Disney knew exactly how to build the suspense for this show. It’s perfect. Let people think and make them wait!!!

  24. Jay Payne

    Jay PayneHace 28 días

    People really thought the whole show was gonna be just like “I love Lucy” lol

  25. George Saviour

    George SaviourHace 28 días

    Vision (from another timeline) is alive and he is *not inside the energy field but outside* . He will get into that energy field and investigate about what is happening there, where is Wanda, and will also be reading the minds of people there (for eg, the mind of Agnes) to investigate further. Let me remind you that Captain America has already returned the mind stone back to Vision at a certain timeline (as you may understand from 'Avengers Endgame'). The dead Vision and the alive Vision (the one who got the mind stone from Captain A.) are from different timelines. By the way, someone is definitely convincing (or maybe influencing or persuading) Wanda to make this "artificial" Westview reality possible.

  26. Ar Motivation

    Ar MotivationHace 28 días

    Discover our secrets 😎

  27. Dimas Ahimsa

    Dimas AhimsaHace 28 días

    Great show I love it! But please drop 2 episodes every week 🙏🏻

  28. H Chang

    H ChangHace 28 días

    Better start explain.. "What the hell is going to happen?"

  29. Lol Sharma

    Lol SharmaHace 28 días

    What about daredevil

  30. Adil Khan

    Adil KhanHace 28 días

    please hindi Dubbed upload

  31. Tsunami Foxy

    Tsunami FoxyHace 28 días

    "Only on Disney+..." Me : Yo, ho, ho, pirates life for me!

  32. Quber

    QuberHace 28 días

    @Johnnytee apk install it on your phone or if of use smokestacks an then open and go to series then search wandavision

  33. Johnnytee

    JohnnyteeHace 28 días

    What do you use?

  34. Jade D

    Jade DHace 28 días


  35. puneet kapil

    puneet kapilHace 28 días

    Just so much excited

  36. Sara Maria Rodriguez Pablo

    Sara Maria Rodriguez PabloHace 28 días


  37. powerist

    poweristHace 28 días

    Last time they try to do this in comic...Wanda had kids with Vision (don't ask), turned out that she use demonic elements (so they were repossessed), became bonkers, then let it go and pre-incarnated them into Wiccan and Speed, then writer forgot about that part, Wanda went bonkers again, and committed genocide on all mutants with "No More Mutants" that resulted in her as one of the "heroes" who got away with crime.

  38. SpaceL4M

    SpaceL4MHace 28 días

    0:03 Wanda just sent her to brazil

  39. Maliq

    MaliqHace 28 días


  40. Nasih Faisal

    Nasih FaisalHace 28 días

    Phew there is no "We are an unusual couple you know"

  41. Karissa

    KarissaHace 28 días


  42. Jared Galarza

    Jared GalarzaHace 29 días

    I think its gonna connect to Doctor Strange

  43. uncanny dcmarvelous

    uncanny dcmarvelousHace 28 días

    They confirmed it long time ago that the final episode will tie into Doc Strange's sequel.

  44. Anti Cyan

    Anti CyanHace 29 días



    CASMANWHATHace 29 días

    Oh my God I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep tonight. I'm going to wait till 4:00 a.m.

  46. Richie Petruccelli

    Richie PetruccelliHace 29 días

    You literally have no clue how excited I am for this lol.

  47. NGNATE 1

    NGNATE 1Hace 29 días

    This series is disappointing, it’s so dam slow, and cringe, like it’s not very good at all.

  48. Lego For Beginners

    Lego For BeginnersHace 29 días

    I am definitely looking forward to each Friday. This is a very interesting show, and I can't wait to see how it plays out, and exactly how it connects to the rest of the MCU.

  49. Wolfpack Productions

    Wolfpack ProductionsHace 29 días

    So marvel, where the heck is black widow?

  50. uncanny dcmarvelous

    uncanny dcmarvelousHace 28 días

    May 7.

  51. İbrahim Yılmaz

    İbrahim YılmazHace 29 días

    This part will be great!!

  52. jose ap santos

    jose ap santosHace 29 días

    Boa tarde, é muito bom demais esse seriado. Adorei o vídeo.

  53. Younes Ten

    Younes TenHace 29 días

    I want to watch this series with my beautiful blonde wife💛😍👍👍👍

  54. Enigma Song

    Enigma SongHace 29 días

    I love how they edit "we just don't know what to expect" but with Vision's reaction from the conversation that got rewinded

  55. DoobieKeebler PuffKing

    DoobieKeebler PuffKingHace 29 días

    Horrible writing, flat acting with absolutely no humor... Terrible start to the MCU episodic lineup.

  56. geovani silvaa

    geovani silvaaHace 29 días

    i wish i could explain how much i've been excited with this

  57. Ric Bsmooth

    Ric BsmoothHace 29 días

    I had to go back and watch Avengers age of ultron when she mention her brother. Maybe she went back to her old ways of manipulating minds because of losing vision.

  58. Who Am I

    Who Am IHace 29 días

    Warning : Don't watch it on Telegram or any other apps

  59. Deadlius

    DeadliusHace 29 días

    I hope some true reveals start to happen this week or I’m not sure how much longer I can stick with it

  60. Grant Adams

    Grant AdamsHace 29 días

    I am so excited!

  61. GR Productions

    GR ProductionsHace 29 días

    Till the final episode we just won’t know what to expect


    KNOX_DECODERHace 29 días

    *That's why we love marvel*

  63. Jagdish Bhatt

    Jagdish BhattHace 29 días

    @marvelentertainment when is the next episode releasing.

  64. Lostronaut

    LostronautHace 29 días

    Yes, Prepare.

  65. Ananth Sundaram

    Ananth SundaramHace 29 días

    Am I the only one hates how slow it is

  66. Johnnytee

    JohnnyteeHace 28 días

    @Ananth Sundaram what was filler exactly? Did you want wanda to find the toy then look up and see the beekeeper then immediately go into labor then as soon as shes done monica pop up to say ultron?

  67. Ananth Sundaram

    Ananth SundaramHace 28 días

    @Johnnytee I mean what is going to happen in episode 4 should have happened in ep3 and unwanted filler wasn't needed

  68. Johnnytee

    JohnnyteeHace 28 días

    That makes me curious. What did you expect to happen by now (episode 3)?

  69. Андрей НеПетров

    Андрей НеПетровHace 29 días

    О май бог, я не нечего не понял, но боже он что жив!?!? Аааааа я такой отсталый от это жизни😟😟😟😟

  70. Jey Val

    Jey ValHace 29 días

    Hopefully this episode is longer then the last 3

  71. anne dashwood

    anne dashwoodHace 29 días

    Some people say girls don't watch the mcu Well we all know that they do But what we really need to know is how many ducks watch mcu Like if you're a duck🦆🦆

  72. Rizky muharam

    Rizky muharamHace 29 días

    who's on the x wing cockpit?

  73. Shakun Relhan

    Shakun RelhanHace 29 días

    *Fridays are the new Weekends*

  74. Shakun Relhan

    Shakun RelhanHace 29 días

    Theory : this is just a world made by Wanda, as a result of shock after losing vision. This is an ideal life that Wanda wanted to have had with vision... Had this theory since release and it gets stronger as we know more... Until now.. Sword team(or whatever) is just ppl from real world trying to end this Wanda's imagination world, why not? U can think of many reasons.. This series seems to me the only series which u can consider in MCU as other series are out of it and that stuff is hence not yet introduced in MCU.. Dr Strange could maybe be called to help to get Wanda back.. idk About Loki it's completely blank, the best I can tell is, that the Loki is now a villain as the Loki from past escaped, he went to other universe idk y, cause the same didn't happened with red skull ? Anyways can't argue bout this...

  75. Yippi Yip

    Yippi YipHace 29 días

    "We just don't know what to expect !"

  76. Aroh Srivastava

    Aroh SrivastavaHace 29 días

    We even don't know what to expect

  77. Luke Smith

    Luke SmithHace 29 días

    could this guy in the ship be kang the conqueror looks like his helmet and suit

  78. Dr. Green Bricks

    Dr. Green BricksHace 29 días

    To have mini clip style episodes!! If you want to dive right into a story and really sink your teeth right in, WandaVision is not for you!!!! I’ll wait till the whole movie is released....

  79. Caio Cruz Carneiro

    Caio Cruz CarneiroHace 29 días

    Wanda: we just don’t know what to expect Me: say that again

  80. Caio Cruz Carneiro

    Caio Cruz CarneiroHace 29 días

    I’m starting to think that they are an unusual couple..


    TASKFORCE141•ROACHHace 29 días

    Oh hey marvel can you please put the ghost rider in MCU JHONNY BLAZE

  82. Krunal Patel

    Krunal PatelHace 29 días

    Marvel India 🙏🇮🇳🙏

  83. Elena Kuijf

    Elena KuijfHace 29 días

    I'm so scared I just don't know what to expect.

  84. UPINDAT247

    UPINDAT247Hace 29 días

    GET ON WITH IT!!! I really wish they would just get on with the story. The old sit com bit is getting OLD FAST!!!

  85. flashbring5259

    flashbring5259Hace 29 días

    They still have like 3 more decades to get through.Also did you not watch ep3?IN ep 3 the story progresses faster than it did in ep1 and ep 2.

  86. Riyas Anshad

    Riyas AnshadHace 29 días


  87. Faheem Ahmad

    Faheem AhmadHace 29 días

    why do we have to wait for a single episode!!! for 7 days! we should get a new episode every 3 days

  88. Ladiesman217

    Ladiesman217Hace 29 días

    Okay but why is it already this intense on episode 4? I’m scared

  89. Yeet Boi

    Yeet BoiHace 29 días

    Didn’t when they’re waiting for a new idea from marvel 0:09

  90. KrAVLonE

    KrAVLonEHace 29 días

    It reminds me of old colossal titan when I see vision

  91. RusticIsBad

    RusticIsBadHace 29 días


  92. Rupali P.

    Rupali P.Hace 29 días

    Marvel given us enough footage to piece together the whole series

  93. AFlyingChickenD

    AFlyingChickenDHace 29 días

    didnt that red guy die to thanos or something

  94. Edmund Rozikyy

    Edmund RozikyyHace 29 días

    Slow mo. I can found something

  95. WaterInMyOtter

    WaterInMyOtterHace 29 días more trailers...Everyone on Earth knows this show exists at this point. I’m sure there’s something more productive you could be doing.

  96. nincompoop gaming

    nincompoop gamingHace 29 días

    and as always "we just don’t know what to expect"

  97. Sebastienne Sebas

    Sebastienne SebasHace 29 días

    I think they're an unusual couple, what do you think ?

  98. Snow Stark

    Snow StarkHace 29 días

    0:11 Antman!!!!!

  99. UltronSigma666

    UltronSigma666Hace 29 días

    I'm hooked on WandaVision and Brie Larson ESdos Channel.... I just don't know what to expect.

  100. k

    kHace 29 días

    elizabeth olsen is gorgeous

  101. Zoë Durbin

    Zoë DurbinHace 29 días

    Today I am starting WandaVision!!!!

  102. idioticaly

    idioticalyHace 29 días

    This means that the new episode is gonna be something pretty big

  103. TOXIK

    TOXIKHace 29 días

    Wanda : we just don't know what to expect Also wanda : sees the destructive future in avengers age of ultron

  104. Pingachu [aka Raxis]

    Pingachu [aka Raxis]Hace 29 días

    "We just don't know what to expect!" Well we do now, thanks for the spoilers damnit.

  105. Rachel Emmons

    Rachel EmmonsHace 29 días

    Yeah, they might have gone a little far this time. My mind is supposed to blow during the episode, not the trailer!

  106. Jay Hector Castro

    Jay Hector CastroHace 29 días

    Monica is going to the Multiverse?

  107. Darshan Sarode

    Darshan SarodeHace 29 días

    Hate to wait Release all episode at once

  108. Joao Marcos

    Joao MarcosHace 29 días

    0:11 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕

  109. Wai Hou Yo

    Wai Hou YoHace 29 días

    When marvel zombie

  110. Movie Mania 3000

    Movie Mania 3000Hace 29 días

    After events of Episode 3, I'm thinking what will Wanda Do to anyone who mentions the name of *Thanos* ?

  111. Sairaj karad

    Sairaj karadHace 29 días

    I know what to expect, We can expect "we don't know what to expect" in every clip

  112. Adrian Garcia

    Adrian GarciaHace 29 días

    is that Danny Huston in 0:07?

  113. v. b santhosh

    v. b santhoshHace 29 días

    How u read all the comments,if u do pls like