Mid-Season Trailer | Marvel Studios' WandaVision | Disney+

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  1. TheEpicGamerGuy

    TheEpicGamerGuyHace 2 horas

    WandaVision has become a thing me and my family watch every Friday night, thank you for making it friday

  2. Roel Brown

    Roel BrownHace 4 horas

    The fact that vision will help Wanda, Wanda will use her powers to save her kid and at the end she will remove the hex next to vision is mind blowing

  3. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan KenobiHace 8 horas

    The fact that none of the trailers show the last episode is exciting

  4. Dinkesh Jain

    Dinkesh JainHace 11 horas

    Marvel didn't steal our hours, they stole our weeks. You know what I mean right

  5. Filmy Doper

    Filmy DoperHace 11 horas

    Who's watching this in 2023?😜

  6. Keevan KK

    Keevan KKHace 14 horas

    Anyone else back here after watching episode 8???

  7. Shadow X4

    Shadow X4Hace 17 horas

    That “WandaVision!!” at the end is fantastic!

  8. Zthewise

    ZthewiseHace un día

    It's thanks to ESdos constantly playing this ad between videos and my impulsive nature that I was able to spoil the twist of a show I haven't even seen yet for a friend who also hasn't seen this yet.

  9. S.suresh

    S.sureshHace un día


  10. Kuheli Ghosh Biswas

    Kuheli Ghosh BiswasHace un día


  11. pritam

    pritamHace 2 días

    Jimmy my fav FBI agent

  12. Marshall Good

    Marshall GoodHace 2 días

    I want that epic version of the Wandavision theme right now.

  13. Ace Healer

    Ace HealerHace 2 días

    Darcy is a mood

  14. Vague

    VagueHace 3 días


  15. Vladut Frasincar

    Vladut FrasincarHace 3 días

    1:14 I think that scene will be from episode 9, when she will fight Agatha. She also has the same clothes as that weird scene where vision and the house is black and white, but she is color

  16. Mr. Dr.

    Mr. Dr.Hace un día

    That's definitely S.W.O.R.D. Where they kept Vision's body and after she saw what does bastards did she left the building and went to a clear spot and BOOOM the hex has been created.

  17. Ribbit Gaming

    Ribbit GamingHace 3 días

    Thats probably a flashback of when she made the hex right after endgame

  18. Brandon B

    Brandon BHace 3 días

    Yknow the singsong part where it’s like ✨Wanda Vision✨ where can I listen to thay on repeat this part 1:14

  19. Galactical・Kookie

    Galactical・KookieHace 3 días


  20. Xavion McClain

    Xavion McClainHace 3 días

    The music for this trailer 10/10

  21. Ce1es

    Ce1esHace 4 días

    Can Darcy please be sucked into Westview and open a store where she produces and sells homemade cupcakes?

  22. Chelsea Grant

    Chelsea GrantHace 4 días

    Darcy: ... I’m invested ... Me: *nodding enthusiastically*

  23. Frite

    FriteHace 4 días

    This is the official "Darcy and Jimmy are supposed to marry, get 20 children and their own "Agents of S.W.O.R.D." series" button 👇

  24. Mr. Dr.

    Mr. Dr.Hace un día


  25. Lalisa Manoban

    Lalisa ManobanHace 4 días

    Waannddaa Aanndd Viisiioonn

  26. Lalisa Manoban

    Lalisa ManobanHace un día

    @Mr. Dr. I Know. '''''' Waannddaa Anndd viissiioonn.

  27. Mr. Dr.

    Mr. Dr.Hace un día

    It's actually just Wanda Vision

  28. mylifeaswhyynotalex

    mylifeaswhyynotalexHace 4 días

    Wow they made the 50s intro of the first episode music different here! At the end when it says “Wandavisionnnnnnnn!” It’s very dramatic and in the 50s episode (first one), it’s more elegant

  29. MrOiManDudeGuy

    MrOiManDudeGuyHace 5 días

    Randall Park: “are you crying?” Me: “SHUDDUP. NO U.”

  30. Noobmaster69

    Noobmaster69Hace 5 días


  31. Vincent M

    Vincent MHace 5 días

    As if Agnes wearing the witch costume in the first trailer wasn't enough, her laugh in this one was easily proof of who she really was.

  32. Karf Lem

    Karf LemHace 6 días

    We have seen everything but like 3 seconds of trailer we are going in absolutely blind for the last two

  33. Tocoolforschool

    TocoolforschoolHace 6 días

    Bruh this show is so good

  34. Atharva G

    Atharva GHace 6 días

    at 0:42 twin have been removed

  35. Youssef Helwa

    Youssef HelwaHace 6 días

    1:25 Why is Wanda kissing a popsicle?

  36. Roblox freak

    Roblox freakHace 6 días


  37. Astral

    AstralHace 6 días

    No one: Agnes at 0:48: 😆😆😆😐😐😐

  38. Tessa Lewis

    Tessa LewisHace 6 días


  39. Faakhir Khoker

    Faakhir KhokerHace 6 días

    who is here after the latest episode

  40. Sean TDS

    Sean TDSHace 6 días

    Wanda obviously isn't living in our reality, because she chose to continue being in quarantine

  41. Rowan Quinain

    Rowan QuinainHace 7 días

    Watching this again after episode 7, along with all the other trailers, makes me realize that we've seen nearly EVERYTHING that was shown in trailers, save for maybe like 4 or 5 clips. Which means that the last two episodes will be almost 95% brand new content. I'm so HYPED.

  42. Asheru Judo

    Asheru JudoHace 7 días

    This show is too short! Also, 🎶 it's been agatha all along!

  43. Shane Hudson

    Shane HudsonHace 7 días

    I just love when the trailers do that WANDAVIIIIIISIOOOOOOOOON

  44. Gabriel Lucas

    Gabriel LucasHace 7 días

    agatha all along!!!!!

  45. Kirquia Damascena

    Kirquia DamascenaHace 7 días

    Pai Nosso atualizado. Senhor, Pai meu e de muitos outros, que estais nos céus, Toma o Teu lugar na minha vida, na minha mente toma o lugar das emoções que produzimos juntos, das impressões, memórias e pensamentos que temos um sobre o outro; não permita que nenhum impostor se passe por você em nossas almas. Dá-nos hoje o sustento que necessitamos. Gratos somos pelo 'pão-de-cada-dia' que nos providenciaste ontem. Nos ajude a perdoar uns aos outros, pois a cada dia que passa fazer isso aproxima-se intensamente do impossível. Se nos considera verdadeiramente seus filhos pode escolher ser bom ou mal conosco, pois sabemos que 'um Pai, mesmo sendo mal, sabe dar boas coisas aos seus filhos', sabe nos respeitar. Vê se há em nós algum caminho mal e guia-nos pelo Caminho da Vida Eterna. Por ser teu o espaço de nossos próprios encontros racionais e emocionais, toma posse desses encontros e dignifica-os por Ti mesmo, segundo o Jesus Cristo do qual menciona os evangelhos cristãos, e não nos deixe duvidar desta verdade que nos revelaste, para todo o sempre. Amém.

  46. Ammanullah Ismail

    Ammanullah IsmailHace 7 días

    Please standby. Only 30Min Episodes. Always putting us on cliffhanger every week. Its not fair. Its like controlling us. Why cant we have 1 hour per Episode.

  47. Flynn Mccann

    Flynn MccannHace 3 días

    Wandavision is a total of 6 hours if they did 1 hour an episode they won’t have enough episodes

  48. Ryan Cheung

    Ryan CheungHace 7 días

    Ikr you may get it in ep8, ep9

  49. VenomKnight14

    VenomKnight14Hace 8 días

    Seems in the modern episodes she's alone may suggest vision dead again

  50. Darlene Adamski

    Darlene AdamskiHace 8 días

    I’m not sure what this is even about. A series? Hmm

  51. Darlene Adamski

    Darlene AdamskiHace 8 días

    @I Had An Unique Name TBH are you SAF? I’m sorry I didn’t write this out for you in crayon but I was being sarcastic. The ones with a dumb a$$ ESdos name talking 💩. Typical.

  52. I Had An Unique Name TBH

    I Had An Unique Name TBHHace 8 días

    Yes...? What does 'mid-season' seem to you? Food?

  53. Hachi Ko

    Hachi KoHace 8 días

    1:16 well one good news is that she removed the hex and probably we found out everyone inside is dead ...

  54. Subhomoy Paul

    Subhomoy PaulHace 9 días

    we want a Hindi dub version please 🙏🙏❤️❤️

  55. Subhomoy Paul

    Subhomoy PaulHace 8 días

    and I also watched many Hollywood films and web series in English because this films and web-series are not available in hindi like- The devil all the time, The devil's advocate, Dark season 1,2,3, Wonder Woman 1, Chemical hearts. So, I know english very well, okay. and we don't need your opinions. thank you 😊.

  56. Subhomoy Paul

    Subhomoy PaulHace 8 días

    @I Had An Unique Name TBH me and my companions wants hindi dub version of every web series and films of MCU. we don't need to worry about hear from anyone. please oil in your own machine 🙏

  57. I Had An Unique Name TBH

    I Had An Unique Name TBHHace 8 días

    @Subhomoy Paul I'm also an Indian and I've never watched a single Hollywood movie dubbed in regional languages. Stop whining and learn english.

  58. Subhomoy Paul

    Subhomoy PaulHace 8 días

    because in English language it's okay. but, MCU's phase 1-3 all movies are dubbed in hindi. that's why me and my companions demanded that.

  59. Subhomoy Paul

    Subhomoy PaulHace 8 días

    @I Had An Unique Name TBH we means indians 😊

  60. Sway Reggie

    Sway ReggieHace 9 días

    Don’t kill off vision marvel

  61. Shouvik Das

    Shouvik DasHace 6 días

    I pray the same 😢

  62. Leen Rubia

    Leen RubiaHace 9 días

    This is just *Phenomenal* ..

  63. sandra B

    sandra BHace 9 días

    I watched the first episode and it do not make any sense

  64. yolol

    yololHace 9 días

    Theres 6 episode released

  65. Dandre Johnson

    Dandre JohnsonHace 9 días

    Looks like there’s a “Modern Family” reference at 1:08

  66. Mohith honey

    Mohith honeyHace 10 días

    For everyone who are blaming Wanda Just think what would you do if you are in a similar situation and you have the power to change it, and don't tell me "I wouldn't do that". Becoz you would. Everyone would, you just don't know that becoz you don't feel what she feels. That emptiness, it changes people. Only a people who have gone through what she is going through can understand that. I understand you Wanda, I do

  67. yolol

    yololHace 10 días

    Uh. Ok??

  68. Aryan Srivastav

    Aryan SrivastavHace 10 días

    Its a copy of truman show with avengers in it.

  69. Joanna Danvers

    Joanna DanversHace 10 días

    Bring Goose the flerken back!!

  70. Shahadat Hossain

    Shahadat HossainHace 11 días

    Now this trailer make sense.......

  71. Hip hop news

    Hip hop newsHace 11 días

    Plz Marvel all movie and series hindi lag

  72. ItsGodneyBeech

    ItsGodneyBeechHace 11 días

    I cant wait for this song to be available so i can listen to it without coming to this trailer all the time!

  73. Gavin

    GavinHace 12 días

    We’ve almost seen everything in the trailers. We’re basically going on blind for the last three episodes

  74. Maewenn Mercier

    Maewenn MercierHace 3 horas

    that's what i've just realised while rewatching them

  75. Ghivi Fahmi

    Ghivi FahmiHace 12 días

    The way SWORD labels WV as Westview anomaly sounds like SCP Foundation's usual protocol

  76. It’s Isaiah!

    It’s Isaiah!Hace 12 días

    1:14 is the greatest chord I’ve ever heard Im leaving this time stamp here so I can keep replaying it when I want to hear it

  77. Human dot Bot

    Human dot BotHace 13 días

    I hope they give Mephisto a Vampire costume.

  78. Anthony Atkins

    Anthony AtkinsHace 13 días

    Agnes’s greetings changed from everyone to just the kids-her MAIN priority

  79. Grooming Kids

    Grooming KidsHace 13 días

    1:03 aaaaaaahhhhhh I found that vehicle That aerospace engineering friend of Monica has made it to get through the hex.....🔥🤘

  80. K V

    K VHace 13 días

    "Wan-da Vis-ion~!" ...ew

  81. Danielle

    DanielleHace 13 días


  82. A B

    A BHace 13 días

    Life can be painful but if you let that hurt consume you there will be no escape.

  83. Sean TDS

    Sean TDSHace 14 días

    0:40 0:53 1:03 1:04 1:08 and most after 1:14 We haven't seen those scenes yet.


    ROYCEEE ANGELOOHace 14 días

    i just watched episode 6❤️

  85. Croissxnt

    CroissxntHace 14 días

    "Westview" starts with W, hinting at Wanda, and V in view, hinting at Vision. It also has the letters "TV" in the middle. It's crazy how much detail is in this amazing show!

  86. Ryan Cronwell

    Ryan CronwellHace 14 días

    So is the town surrounded with a.... Wanda wall?

  87. Ayush Parameswaran

    Ayush ParameswaranHace 14 días

    Was seriously not expecting to be interested in this show, but after that 5th episode, I'm hooked.

  88. yolol

    yololHace 13 días

    We just dont know what to expect

  89. Chris BM

    Chris BMHace 14 días

    People watching this again after episode 6 ↓

  90. Sumedha Sharma

    Sumedha SharmaHace 14 días

    0:45 umm.. how are there kids here??

  91. Kyzphily

    KyzphilyHace 14 días

    Mr. Feign Why is Agnes telling kiddo.

  92. a - aron

    a - aronHace 14 días

    does anybody know what song is playing? :(

  93. Joy Banik

    Joy BanikHace 14 días

    I like her expression and look at 1:12

  94. محمد جمهوری

    محمد جمهوریHace 15 días

    چقد من عاشق این سریالم

  95. Tyler

    TylerHace 15 días

    WandaVision Ep 1: oh neat this is something I could spend Friday night watching WandaVision Ep 7: holy *** ******** **** ** ** it's Tuesday Why is it not Friday yet AHHH-

  96. Karla Romero

    Karla RomeroHace 3 días

    🎶All along 🎶 And I killed Sparky too :) MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  97. Finn Baartse

    Finn BaartseHace 5 días

    Wandavision episode 7: 🎶IT WAS AGATHA🎶

  98. Ek Khatun

    Ek KhatunHace 15 días

    Please release in india in hindi dubbing please we love Marvel

  99. Ek Khatun

    Ek KhatunHace 15 días

    Please release in india in hindi dubbing please we love Marvel

  100. Ek Khatun

    Ek KhatunHace 15 días

    Please release in india in hindi dubbing please we love Marvel

  101. Ek Khatun

    Ek KhatunHace 15 días

    Please release in india in hindi dubbing please we love Marvel

  102. Ek Khatun

    Ek KhatunHace 15 días

    Please release in india in hindi dubbing please we love Marvel

  103. shivansh

    shivanshHace 15 días

    Life could be perfect when it's made just for you A simple line but idk why always gives me the chills

  104. XyborgCloud

    XyborgCloudHace 15 días

    "Episode 6 is gonna be an epic"

  105. Sharan Kumar S

    Sharan Kumar SHace 15 días

    Someone: Are you waiting for PHASE 4... Me:I'm Invested🤩

  106. Fırat KARA

    Fırat KARAHace 16 días

    Hiç mi değerli bir şeyi olmaz minumum yapıcı maximum yıkıcı

  107. Sakin Jackson

    Sakin JacksonHace 16 días

    1:14 music theme is creepy, I LOVE IT

  108. MrMdTheDeadBoy

    MrMdTheDeadBoyHace 16 días

    0:28 👀 this part is really getting to me rn

  109. TheMarvellous Thor

    TheMarvellous ThorHace 16 días

    Episode 6 is gonna be sensational

  110. arvnd

    arvndHace 16 días

    disney + marvel + pixar + star wars + nat gio + dafuk ?

  111. Shahbaz ahmed

    Shahbaz ahmedHace 16 días

    Good morning beautiful how

  112. AA Sheikh Aftab Alam

    AA Sheikh Aftab AlamHace 16 días

    I am the Avengers means Average

  113. Nate V

    Nate VHace 16 días

    The Truman Show meets Twin Peaks

  114. Alias Fakename

    Alias FakenameHace 16 días

    When Vision realizes he's just a construct made from all of Wanda's interactions with the real him before he passed, what's going to happen?

  115. Filipe Rodrigues

    Filipe RodriguesHace 17 días

    Thank you Disney+ for letting Marvel show its true teeth on this epic scale WandaVision's getting better every week first two double episides were slowburners, the big pay off is 3 weeks way yikes!!

  116. DarkLordoftheSixth

    DarkLordoftheSixthHace 17 días

    Someone: doesn’t fit in with the perfect world Wanda created Wanda: yeet

  117. ಕನ್ನಡ ನುಡಿಸಿರಿ

    ಕನ್ನಡ ನುಡಿಸಿರಿHace 17 días

    The music in the start of the video was lifted from tenet.

  118. Sam W

    Sam WHace 17 días

    Is the modern episode suposed to be Modern Family? lol

  119. adkisson hanna

    adkisson hannaHace 17 días

    "09:84" 😂 Well I used *𝐖𝐀𝐓𝐂𝐇𝐃𝐀𝐃.𝐂𝐎𝐌* 📌 and frankly it's real

  120. Carol Smith

    Carol SmithHace 17 días

    They: 'Available only on Netflix!' Me: ha, here you go full HD: trailers.to hahahahhaha

  121. Razor Airball

    Razor AirballHace 17 días


  122. good morning!

    good morning!Hace 17 días

    probably one of the best marvel tv series'

  123. Stanton Carolina

    Stanton CarolinaHace 17 días

    "00:30" 😂 I actually have been using *𝗪𝗔𝗧𝗖𝗛𝗗𝗔𝗗.𝗖𝗢𝗠* 📌 no issue with it all