Marvel's Behind the Mask | First Look Clip | Disney+

Discover the inspiration behind Marvel's greatest heroes. "Marvel's Behind the Mask," a new documentary special, is streaming February 12 on Disney+:
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  1. Anonymous Anon

    Anonymous AnonHace 11 días

    Please raise your voice for Ben 10 episodes (in Marvel style)😉😉

  2. habbogigi

    habbogigiHace 12 días

    why is this not available on Disney+ in Spain?

  3. AniPlays Yt

    AniPlays YtHace 12 días

    Why isn't it released yet it's Feb 14

  4. Adnan Shalihin

    Adnan ShalihinHace 13 días

    Who will be our black panther for future because chadwick boseman has died

  5. Marco Antonio Barroso

    Marco Antonio BarrosoHace 13 días

    Anuncia o produto mas não lança, que falta de compromisso!

  6. Juroen

    JuroenHace 13 días

    Is it me or didnt this drop on disney+ yesterday?

  7. VR Dude

    VR DudeHace 14 días

    I was gonna make a book about marvel called behind the mask but I guess I have to scratch that idea

  8. King T’Challa

    King T’ChallaHace 14 días

    Marvel shouldn’t get ANY credit for this, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee should. The Marvel Editors painted over Black Panthers exposed face on the Cover of this issue. Plus black peoples skin were colored with Gray instead of Brown back then. Rest in Paradise Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, you made a Black Boy from South Central Los Angeles feel like a KING 👑✊🏾

  9. King T’Challa

    King T’ChallaHace 13 días

    @Lonely and Depressed GenZer ?

  10. Lonely and Depressed GenZer

    Lonely and Depressed GenZerHace 13 días


  11. NYCrawler // Spider-Man

    NYCrawler // Spider-ManHace 14 días

    Ah yes, my favorite marvel show: DC's Stargirl

  12. Livepool

    LivepoolHace 14 días


  13. xyz1234 ***

    xyz1234 ***Hace 14 días

    As a kid I always used to think that USA is free of any regressive practices. This was because I used to see popular Hollywood films where whites and blacks would be great friends. While that thing is true, the popular films would never show the other side of the story. When the tragedy happened last year, I always thought why don't these makers dare to talk about it. Now I am very happy that Marvel is taking that step. Small but wonderful steps. We need to talk more about all the regressiveness happening around us in order to tackle them.

  14. jose ap santos

    jose ap santosHace 15 días

    boa tarde, um gende estúdio, produzindo obras prima, fantásticas. Adorei o vídeo.

  15. The Directorlorian

    The DirectorlorianHace 15 días

    I'm very excited!

  16. Real1wertui2

    Real1wertui2Hace 15 días


  17. Black Doug

    Black DougHace 15 días

    Just call it MARVEL+. i love it😂😂

  18. Maxetron

    MaxetronHace 15 días

    ESdos, This ISNT DC’s Stargirls.

  19. Charlie's gaming

    Charlie's gamingHace 15 días

    Marvel got 15million BTW!

  20. Phil J.L Fig

    Phil J.L FigHace 15 días

    Marvel the future of movies is NOT streaming, and I think you guys know this ...I can’t wait to go back to the movies :( I want to see matrix 4 and avatar2 so bad :(((( at least theaters are finally opening back up ... all these straight to stream movies are pretty much garbage; so sad that the industry will die without theaters and these production companies don’t even fight for the films or even think about the future of the industry (it isn’t streaming, when films get set to stream people just download them and the movie makes so little cash)... so sad.

  21. Jamin B

    Jamin BHace 15 días

    God bless you all. I pray you'll all be saved, John 3:16, " For God so loved the world, that he gave his only son, whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

  22. Ben Henderson

    Ben HendersonHace 15 días

    I do want to live Wakanda, he’s not wrong

  23. 7BAdi Nayyar

    7BAdi NayyarHace 15 días

    what about marvel studios enternals i thought it was coming to theaters on feb 12 but the trailer isn't even out yet im soooooooooooooooo sad

  24. Jonathan Cineus

    Jonathan CineusHace 15 días

    Imagine how much more Stan Lee could’ve done if he never had to get old...

  25. gabriel rosales

    gabriel rosalesHace 15 días

    when will the first venom 2 trailer come out

  26. B 01 Aakash aniraj

    B 01 Aakash anirajHace 15 días

    captain ,Tony, black widow plz return we want them back

  27. Sao Bunchheng

    Sao BunchhengHace 16 días

    I love too see video from marvel

  28. Hari Cahyadi

    Hari CahyadiHace 16 días

    I just realized that Marvel has 15 million subscribers

  29. MattnetoA113

    MattnetoA113Hace 15 días

    That's more than DC

  30. ѵıη •

    ѵıη •Hace 16 días

    same feeling with Wiccan and Hulkling kiss 🤍

  31. Subject 8

    Subject 8Hace 16 días

    It really would be great to live in that world, at least in that aspect.

  32. Nightwing4380 Jian Roman

    Nightwing4380 Jian RomanHace 16 días

    Hey I heard you guys are making a moon Knight series maybe you guys should put his brother in it

  33. Maruf Mostafa

    Maruf MostafaHace 16 días

    LOL... you're trying to earn revenue using black people's emotion while the racism still exists massively in USA along with systematic recism

  34. AfroUzumaki44

    AfroUzumaki44Hace 16 días


  35. bianchi1885

    bianchi1885Hace 16 días

    "For the readers, when T'Challa takes off his mask, the readers go, 'Oh my God, it's a black super-hero." False. But keep playing the game of identity politics.

  36. Johnny Fountains

    Johnny FountainsHace 16 días

    I watched this on tubi for free.

  37. Charlie Hargreave Boden

    Charlie Hargreave BodenHace 16 días


  38. Hulk Smash!

    Hulk Smash!Hace 16 días

    Too bad they don't make comics as good as they did in the 60's, 70's 80's 90's. Now 92% of the art looks the same from one book to the next and the writing is not worried about "not seeing color" now its all about race and ignorance and the writers political foolishness

  39. MattnetoA113

    MattnetoA113Hace 16 días

    No wonder I cant take Thor or Hulk seriously.

  40. honestly just vibin

    honestly just vibinHace 16 días

    give us spiderman 3 trailer now go now pls now now now

  41. pretty average guy

    pretty average guyHace 16 días

    Forever a marvelous, ever-expanding universe that welcomes everyone to the adventures of their pages. Will never stop loving Marvel passionately!

  42. pretty average guy

    pretty average guyHace 16 días

    @MattnetoA113 Wow, thank you! 😄

  43. MattnetoA113

    MattnetoA113Hace 16 días

    The comment sections need more people like you.

  44. Soumyajyoti Sarkar

    Soumyajyoti SarkarHace 16 días

    I got Quicksilver video in the Next recommended video

  45. RayfieldA

    RayfieldAHace 16 días

    Yes. We NEED T'Challa, Marvel!

  46. The Messenger

    The MessengerHace 16 días

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  47. X

    XHace 16 días

    Why is Kevin Bacon there? 0:13 He looks so upset

  48. Shaggy Rogers

    Shaggy RogersHace 16 días

    Thank you, let’s stop making a big deal about race and let it be just a thing! Just human

  49. bianchi1885

    bianchi1885Hace 16 días

    @MattnetoA113 You don't hear conservatives playing the race card non-stop like you lefties do. You guys have mastered it (well, except Jussie Smollet and Bubba Wallace). Made money out of it, too. Sad.

  50. MattnetoA113

    MattnetoA113Hace 16 días

    @bianchi1885 ya'll cant let race go either. Especially a presidential one.

  51. bianchi1885

    bianchi1885Hace 16 días

    Leftists can't let race go. It's profitable and political to play the race card these days. In unrelated news, it's Black History Month.

  52. Vanesa rochelly Gutierrez castillo

    Vanesa rochelly Gutierrez castilloHace 16 días


  53. thebariobro

    thebariobroHace 16 días

    Poor Fantastic Four. They basically started the modern Marvel Universe but got shafted in the MCU because of film rights.

  54. thebariobro

    thebariobroHace 11 días

    @bianchi1885 definitely. I hope it’s absolutely amazing but at the very least in won’t be bad. Just an enjoyable ride that hopefully gets the characters right.

  55. bianchi1885

    bianchi1885Hace 16 días

    Works out for the better. Marvel Studios after 12 years of films knows what works and doesn't work. We are going to get a truly exceptional Fantastic Four film universe. Our suffering will not have been in vain.

  56. noakj006

    noakj006Hace 16 días

    Jack “the King” Kirby

  57. Aidan Murphy

    Aidan MurphyHace 15 días

    John "Joking" Romita

  58. Aidan Murphy

    Aidan MurphyHace 15 días

    Stan "The Man" Lee



    Yes that's the world i wanna live in too

  60. Shwetha Suresh

    Shwetha SureshHace 16 días

    Am I the only one getting Quick Silver videos recommended??

  61. Ira Ford

    Ira FordHace 16 días

    Amazing stories can't wait for this documentary on Friday.

  62. Sal

    SalHace 16 días

    I would love to see more of these documentaries, but can we do ones on other comic book writers like Christopher Priest, Kurt Busiek, Jim Shooter, Tom Defalco, etc. Maybe also artist documentaries like Mike Deodato, Leinil Francis Yu , Mark Bagley, etc.

  63. Sal

    SalHace 16 días

    @spencer o'keeffe I also hope they do documentary on some of the Marvel story arcs like Secret Wars since there are 4 versions of that popular story. 90's Heroes Reborn of how the heroes were thought to be dead and returned. Civil War, Secret Invasion, House of M and Dark Reign since they had big impacts in the Marvel Universe. Possibly some iconic character/team documentaries and brief documentary on Ultimate universe and Marvel Zombies.

  64. spencer o'keeffe

    spencer o'keeffeHace 16 días


  65. Samuel Lemerveilleux

    Samuel LemerveilleuxHace 16 días

    Fighting for your rights makes you the Heros.

  66. Sal

    SalHace 16 días

    I was reading this the other day as 2 part addition story. I really like the fight between Black Panther and the Fantastic 4 and the second part when Klaw shows up.

  67. Lucas Espinosa

    Lucas EspinosaHace 16 días

    Marvel is the best

  68. Jeetu jaan king

    Jeetu jaan kingHace 16 días

    😍😍😍😍Those beautiful eyes that are reading this post right now, God fulfill every dream of those

  69. Holk 7

    Holk 7Hace 16 días


  70. Amey Dolke

    Amey DolkeHace 16 días

    188 th comment

  71. sweet dimond

    sweet dimondHace 16 días

    Thank you Stan Lee for all your creations and for bringing Marvel to us !!!!

  72. 100 million subscribers for iphone memes

    100 million subscribers for iphone memesHace 16 días

    Netflix : chill and drink Disney + : we know what you want and we will give it to you

  73. viegotr

    viegotrHace 16 días


  74. Fathi Muthu

    Fathi MuthuHace 16 días

    Please launch Spider-Man 3 spider verse teaser in all languages

  75. Mark Json

    Mark JsonHace 16 días

    Hey Marvel! New WandaVision trailer today right? there better be bc I CANNOT WAIT

  76. disney fan

    disney fanHace 16 días

    I love marvel and disney plus perfect combo (but i am not the only marvel fan)

  77. Ismael Abdulrehman

    Ismael AbdulrehmanHace 16 días

    When Disney mix up with Marvel, Then the Readers go off - o my god That's the world I wanna live in...

  78. spencer o'keeffe

    spencer o'keeffeHace 16 días

    Dude have you just copy and pasted 2 different comments from 2 different people? Like litteraly word for word. Are both of the one likes on these comments also you? 😂

  79. Tilki Gamer

    Tilki GamerHace 16 días

    Two dayysssss

  80. gerard bain

    gerard bainHace 16 días

    The Black Panther has been my favourite superhero since I was seven and he still holds that position today. I hope my grandson likes the character as much as I have.

  81. gerard bain

    gerard bainHace 13 días

    @Lonely and Depressed GenZerIn the 1970's there weren't many role models in popular media that appealed to young black boys. When in second grade I read an Avengers comic book with The Black Panther in the storyline. I was hooked on the character from then.

  82. Lonely and Depressed GenZer

    Lonely and Depressed GenZerHace 13 días

    I’m so sorry that you feel that way 😔

  83. gerard bain

    gerard bainHace 15 días

    @Never Land My grandson is going to be four years old in June.

  84. Never Land

    Never LandHace 15 días

    grandson? wow you don't look that old in ur pfp though! or r u talking about the future? lol

  85. Ryuu Saki

    Ryuu SakiHace 16 días

    I'll b watching Jack kirby baby

  86. LITRUM

    LITRUMHace 16 días

    here befor 1mil views

  87. an

    anHace 16 días


  88. Elibbb1111

    Elibbb1111Hace 16 días

    Can't wait for wandavision episode 9

  89. Tyler Bailey

    Tyler BaileyHace un día

    @你好-神手Pi and 1 day till episode eight

  90. 你好-神手Pi

    你好-神手PiHace un día


  91. Tyler Bailey

    Tyler BaileyHace 16 días

    @Ibrahim Oudahmani exactly I can’t wait for episode 6 and even that feels a long way away, only 2 days in reality

  92. Ibrahim Oudahmani

    Ibrahim OudahmaniHace 16 días

    Well you have to wait 3 weeks

  93. Think Harder!

    Think Harder!Hace 16 días

    Please recast Black Panther for the MCU! RIP Chadwick...but... the character is bigger than any one person. The character is so important for all previous and future generations!

  94. Stuti Prasad

    Stuti PrasadHace 16 días

    I don't know how marvel produces the level of stuff it does, I mean Wandavision is so well written and directed and the cast's acting is something beyond of understanding. Props to marvel

  95. floop

    floopHace 15 días

    Can't wait for the next episode soon :)

  96. MiD Knight

    MiD KnightHace 16 días

    This is gonna be amazing

  97. Siddharth Arya

    Siddharth AryaHace 16 días

    i become flash when i see marvel notification 🙄😁

  98. Edward NDL

    Edward NDLHace 16 días


  99. Mansur

    MansurHace 16 días

    When Disney mix up with Marvel, Then the Readers go off - o my god That's the world I wanna live in...

  100. jobin j b

    jobin j bHace 16 días

    Waiting for 🔥 Day.(FRIDAY)

  101. Best Gamer

    Best GamerHace 16 días

    Wakanda foreva rip our king

  102. Best Gamer

    Best GamerHace 13 días

    @I Don't Have A Goddamn Name dont forget to scuk less!

  103. I Don't Have A Goddamn Name

    I Don't Have A Goddamn NameHace 14 días

    @Best Gamer yup, and I’m so proud of you kid, you’re using the exact same insult that I just used! Anyway, I shan’t waste any more time on you, I hope you learned to not be a scumbag and to not use dead people for attention. Bye :)

  104. Best Gamer

    Best GamerHace 15 días

    @I Don't Have A Goddamn Name ever heard of sarcasm kiddo?

  105. I Don't Have A Goddamn Name

    I Don't Have A Goddamn NameHace 15 días

    @Best Gamer and you also just proved my point right LOOOOOL

  106. Best Gamer

    Best GamerHace 15 días

    @I Don't Have A Goddamn Name i got your attention xD

  107. Ismael Abdulrehman

    Ismael AbdulrehmanHace 16 días

    Stan lee was truly a legend he created a universe that’s just so perfect and it’s a shame he’s dead

  108. Dapple Darling

    Dapple DarlingHace 16 días

    And now the writers say,"If you don't like my politics... don't buy my book." Done and Done.

  109. La Ronde Vintage

    La Ronde VintageHace 16 días

    And I'm just like fine, I don't read comic books for identity politics anyway

  110. Fevo Media

    Fevo MediaHace 16 días

    Please give me a chance in marvel studios

  111. Fevo Media

    Fevo MediaHace 16 días

    Marvel studios please give me a Opportunity

  112. Invicta

    InvictaHace 16 días

    R.I.P Chadwick Boseman A Black Panther who made History

  113. Captain Skidz

    Captain SkidzHace 15 días

    @Astolfo-Senpai imagine getting mad because someone was saying something nice

  114. Invicta

    InvictaHace 15 días

    @Astolfo-Senpai I just said he made Marvel History with that role

  115. Invicta

    InvictaHace 15 días

    @Astolfo-Senpai I never said he's only good at black panther. tbh I liked him in 21 bridges and I'm gonna be watching some more of his films.

  116. Astolfo-Senpai

    Astolfo-SenpaiHace 16 días

    This has nothing to do with Chadwick, you're only disrespecting his career by saying he's only black panther. There are already black heroes before black panther, and more interesting movies like Blade and Meteor Man ironically. Chadwick is a great actor with great roles, dont just make him " black panther " you disrespectful fool.

  117. Astolfo-Senpai

    Astolfo-SenpaiHace 16 días

    @Invicta I'm sorry but even Chadwick Boseman is tired of people saying he's only good at Black Panther. Stop disrespecting him by saying he's only black panther. He has a much better movie role, you're too based.

  118. T Perm

    T PermHace 16 días

    I am just waiting for tobey andrew and tom in one scene fighting doc ock and electro

  119. Jeremiah M

    Jeremiah MHace 16 días

    Stan lee was truly a legend he created a universe that’s just so perfect and it’s a shame he’s dead

  120. Has the High Ground

    Has the High GroundHace 13 días

    Stan thought and wrote it Jack created it and gets next to no credit

  121. Nixx

    NixxHace 15 días

    another likebait. wow.

  122. Jared Anacleto

    Jared AnacletoHace 16 días

    And Rip Chadwick Boseman too!

  123. MattnetoA113

    MattnetoA113Hace 16 días

    @Nordin Desouki yes. Finally someone who didn't call Stan a thief

  124. E Torres

    E TorresHace 16 días


  125. cubeflame

    cubeflameHace 16 días

    may also be that he literally speaks in an african tone, but ya know wHatEveR

  126. Ryan Adith

    Ryan AdithHace 16 días

    Please Release Trailer The Eternals. I'm so Excited Waiting.

  127. Jack Lee

    Jack LeeHace 16 días


  128. Abboudi Hajjar

    Abboudi HajjarHace 16 días

    SWORD was using Vision’s body as a weapon. Look how they’re cutting him to pieces and studying him. Director Hayward said they work in AI and robotics. Wanda, I think, knew about it and went in to save his body and keep his wishes not to be used as a weapon. Hayward wanted it back and wanted to tie loose ends which is why he attempted to kill Wanda. When Wanda came out to them she looked at him when she said “I won’t let you take it away from me AGAIN”. And made them point the guns at him. P.S: I think the villain or Agnes told Wanda how Vision is being misused at SWORD so that she brings him only to trick her into creating a pocket reality and erasing her memory then making her have children. It is clear by now that Agnes planted the idea of children into her head. Watch the video on my channel and you will see an incredible new detail!

  129. Aidan Murphy

    Aidan MurphyHace 15 días

    @Abboudi Hajjar Ok

  130. Abboudi Hajjar

    Abboudi HajjarHace 15 días

    @Aidan Murphy none taken. I know people know this bit I go into details. You are free to feel whatever you like. I just have a theory and on the comment section of the canadian lad it’s the top comment because it was new then.

  131. Aidan Murphy

    Aidan MurphyHace 15 días

    @Abboudi Hajjar No offensive but everyone already knew this. Stop trying to get people to watch your dumb channel.

  132. Abboudi Hajjar

    Abboudi HajjarHace 16 días

    @Julia Sabina Romo Trejo yes and the detail about the kids is very cool as well. I only wonder, where were they in the first place? Check it out I pointed it out in the video.

  133. Julia Sabina Romo Trejo

    Julia Sabina Romo TrejoHace 16 días

    I think you're right.

  134. NightCore167

    NightCore167Hace 16 días

    we want a eternals, sang chi, black widdow and a spiderman 3 trailer........NOW

  135. Thisa dharamasena

    Thisa dharamasenaHace 16 días


  136. GameRoid

    GameRoidHace 16 días

    Wen you are so early that every comment literally says Congrats you found my comment 😐

  137. toxic 31 Amcı simp sj

    toxic 31 Amcı simp sjHace 16 días

    wad da fok

  138. Edel Flores

    Edel FloresHace 16 días

    pure documentary, better take series 🙄

  139. Abboudi Hajjar

    Abboudi HajjarHace 16 días

    Sam and Bucky are working with Zemo! They are working with him and not against him. I have noticed a few details that clearly show Sam and Bucky freeing Zemo from prison and asking him where to start. Maybe they will work together to stop that group with the masks. You can see everything in detail in the video on my channel.

  140. Awe Malik

    Awe MalikHace 16 días

    hes a great artist

  141. I Don't Have A Goddamn Name

    I Don't Have A Goddamn NameHace 16 días

    Shut up

  142. Unwxnted

    UnwxntedHace 16 días

    Yo it’s so sad people were surprised when t,challa took off his mask and was black

  143. bianchi1885

    bianchi1885Hace 16 días

    @thebariobro do you know when racism ends in this country? When people stop talking about the color of people's skin.

  144. I Don't Have A Goddamn Name

    I Don't Have A Goddamn NameHace 16 días

    @your friendly neighborhood drug dealer then we will run out of hope of having a good story for our already watered down movies, unless the greater comic book writers of our generation give other stories to adapt. Also they’ll be missing out on some really great artwork

  145. thebariobro

    thebariobroHace 16 días

    @bianchi1885 well he is a black African king and you can’t really take that away from him. Falcon represents your more usual black American, making him more relatable. They’re both good and relate to different people so you don’t have to attack one.

  146. your friendly neighborhood drug dealer

    your friendly neighborhood drug dealerHace 16 días

    @Unwxnted exactly Years will pass and people even forget comics Even exist

  147. bianchi1885

    bianchi1885Hace 16 días

    Quesada needs to engage in identity politics to feed the sheep. I never thought T'Challa was a black guy. He is a rich AF king of a country in Africa, that's what goes through my head. Wakandan royal privilege, literally. Now Sam Wilson aka the Falcon? He's black, American and he's my brother. Nothing ever handed to him.

  148. Khushal Patil

    Khushal PatilHace 16 días

    When i was 12 my brother told me to watch and said watch spiderman and that was life changing for ❤️❤️

  149. I dont even know anymore lol

    I dont even know anymore lolHace 16 días


  150. Parziyan

    ParziyanHace 16 días


  151. Anshul Kumaria

    Anshul KumariaHace 16 días


  152. Mandar

    MandarHace 16 días