Kitty Pryde Joins Marvel Strike Force | Marvel LIVE!

Kitty Pryde phases into Marvel Strike Force! Join us for a special livestream on January 28 at 4PM ET with the minds behind Kitty's addition to the game, plus the debut of a new Marvel Becoming featuring the in-game costume.
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  1. rocharox

    rocharoxHace 4 días

    This game used to be good. Now it's just a shell of Marvel Characters made to milk the Whales... Sad really

  2. J K

    J KHace 24 días

    We want Tobey Maguire ❤️

  3. pubg news

    pubg newsHace 26 días

    Please make quilck silver

  4. pubg news

    pubg newsHace 26 días

    Please make morbius

  5. Daniel Jaek

    Daniel JaekHace 26 días

    Daniel Jaek

  6. Mr. F

    Mr. FHace 27 días

    I'm still waiting for the: >Hero/Mystic/Supernatural/Global/ Protector Capt. Britain (with the passive ability to absorb all power blasts(which increases his offence), with no damage taken, with a move that boosts the teams offence and protects from disruption upon activating taunt. (I need a good Hero Protector that's Mystic and Supernatural for one of my teams, as that would give some good buffs as a bonus where Juggernaut doesn't) >Hero/Mystic/Supernatural/Global/ Brawler Union Jack (with the passive ability to give Counter attack for all Mystic/Supernatural allies, one of his moves removes Stealth and gives a bonus attack when a Stealth user is attacked and removed their buffs, another move can target controllers and disrupt them upon UJs successful attack of a controller. >Spider-verse/Brawler Spider-UK. >Mutant/Mystic/Supernatural/Support James Braddock, his long charge ability swaps the teams buffs with the opponent of they are negative or double them if positive, then attacks the opponent, his passive ability heals and also gives Stealth to a team mate or mates with low heath and gives dodge to his team. Adding Capt. Britain, Union Jack and James Braddock would also allow synergy with Psylocke, but also give my team a nice boost as I can drop Ghost Rider, Juggernaut and Dr. Strange for Brian, James and Joseph and have a decent team, that's if Strike Force will add British to the synergy list as well as siblings, on top of those three characters in the future. James Braddock would also synergise with Kitty Pride, Night Crawler and Phoenix to name a few other characters he can synergise with.

  7. QUILL

    QUILLHace 27 días


  8. Дарья Чубарова

    Дарья ЧубароваHace 27 días

    Thank for this video.

  9. Timothy Zamora

    Timothy ZamoraHace 27 días

    I want to play the game but it keeps on crashing

  10. Loom Born

    Loom BornHace 27 días

    What’s with the blue circle portal thing around her? She’s not Blink.

  11. Tithanhobit

    TithanhobitHace 28 días

    "God is real. God loves you. God wants the best for you. Believe that. I do." Chris Pratt

  12. Lol Sharma

    Lol SharmaHace 28 días

    What about daredevil??

  13. Bannyan

    BannyanHace 28 días

    10:20 blue hair spotted 🤢

  14. Marley Of House Harris

    Marley Of House HarrisHace 28 días


  15. Aarush kashyap

    Aarush kashyapHace 28 días

    we need tony and black widow and cap marvel please

  16. Nisheedha Solanki

    Nisheedha SolankiHace 28 días

    Man! I read Katy Perry.....

  17. T. Davis

    T. DavisHace 28 días

    Don't forget that Jane Foster has held an infinity stone all by herself and has absorbed some of the power of the Reality Stone.

  18. m0h oP

    m0h oPHace 28 días

    Your movie are amazing but not without iron man if Tony stark not come in mcu you 50% fans are forgot mcu

  19. thisguy38

    thisguy38Hace 28 días

    Those 50% fans will get over it

  20. Folkehans

    FolkehansHace 28 días

    Yeah no

  21. Joe Striker

    Joe StrikerHace 28 días

    Her name is Kate Pryde

  22. tyquan fleming

    tyquan flemingHace 28 días

    Wendy vs 🐱

  23. Comixfan

    ComixfanHace 28 días

    God dammit, now I have to start playing Marvel Strike Force again!

  24. Aenugu Anirvan

    Aenugu AnirvanHace 28 días

    It is awesome😎😎

  25. JEWEK

    JEWEKHace 28 días

    Just gonna spam all her boyfriends here: Lance Alvers Peter Rasputin Pete Wisdom Peter Quill Peter Parker

  26. Jumping and Gaming

    Jumping and GamingHace 28 días

    Oooo Parker and kitty will make such a cute couple!! But I guess he already has many “girlfriends” :(( Then I’ll probably take lance as my second choice, I remembered him as a really badass dude too!!

  27. Dean Ambrose

    Dean AmbroseHace 28 días

    Marvel, please add wisdom and lance into the movies!! They’re so underrated

  28. Yo Bro

    Yo BroHace 28 días

    Honestly I think only either wisdom or lance suits her. They have more of a bad boy vibe which every “good girl” like kitty will like

  29. Old Guy

    Old GuyHace 28 días

    I HATE YOU!! Why did you mention Lancitty? You hurt my feelinggggs :(( They’re so cuteee!!

  30. Yuppie Noppie

    Yuppie NoppieHace 28 días


  31. Ira Ford

    Ira FordHace 29 días

    Great to see kittie pryde in this game.

  32. beatrixisherwin

    beatrixisherwinHace 29 días

    Is kitty supposed to magik Because i know that magik also has a dragon

  33. uncanny dcmarvelous

    uncanny dcmarvelousHace 28 días

    No, on the comics both Kitty and Illyana are best friends, that bond also extends to Lockheed befriending the blonde girl to the point of being with her during the classic New Mutants stories while Kitty is busy on X-Men missions. For the New Mutants movie, they drastically changed Lockheed, from an alien dragon to a Limbo demon dragon, fitting more that he's a companion to Magik.

  34. Lathika 1975

    Lathika 1975Hace 29 días

    Strike DC away

  35. jose ap santos

    jose ap santosHace 29 días

    Boa noite, um belo vídeo sensacional. Adorei o vídeo.

  36. Tauna

    TaunaHace 29 días

    Marvel Strike Force is so good

  37. Ethan Aleman

    Ethan AlemanHace 29 días

    walls and boundaries are over rated

  38. lukitassj fan de Zetassj

    lukitassj fan de ZetassjHace 29 días

    Nooo got plis no

  39. Johnny Fountains

    Johnny FountainsHace 29 días

    I like Kitty Pryde and Marissa.

  40. 1

    1Hace 29 días

    I like josh saleh

  41. Sanjay Sanjay

    Sanjay SanjayHace 29 días

    I love marvel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. b j

    b jHace 28 días


  43. João Carlos

    João CarlosHace 29 días


  44. JoshMc420

    JoshMc420Hace 29 días

    Was kate suppose to be magik?

  45. JoshMc420

    JoshMc420Hace 28 días

    @thisguy38 Thank you

  46. thisguy38

    thisguy38Hace 28 días

    @JoshMc420 Lockheed is the dragon in New Mutants. Shogo is a human baby who turns into a dragon.

  47. JoshMc420

    JoshMc420Hace 28 días

    @uncanny dcmarvelous recently I thought jubilee was taking care of shogo and when they went to another realm or whatever shogo turned into a dragon.

  48. uncanny dcmarvelous

    uncanny dcmarvelousHace 28 días

    @JoshMc420 In the comics, Kitty and Magik are best friends, said friendship also included Lockheed bonding with her too. And yeah, in the movie they made him more a Limbo demon dragon rather than an alien dragon like in the comics.

  49. JoshMc420

    JoshMc420Hace 28 días

    @uncanny dcmarvelous well in New mutants shogo is magiks pet and she does portals seems like its more magic the character

  50. Guardião da luz

    Guardião da luzHace 29 días


  51. Vitor Rodrigues

    Vitor RodriguesHace 29 días


  52. Seneca Bendich

    Seneca BendichHace 29 días

    Can someone please explain to me why my phone won't allow me to play this game? The game loads after I load a fight, the fight starts, no more than 2 minutes the game immediately shuts itself off Y?

  53. Eduardo Lemos de Mello

    Eduardo Lemos de MelloHace 29 días

    Marvel you will make iron man 4 you will spoil the iron man by putting his daughtr intead of the iron man himself spoiled the movie

  54. Mr ME

    Mr MEHace 29 días

    "only one person who like this, will one day become a billionaire" Goodluck "Your destiny lies in ur own hand

  55. savage !!!!!!!!!!!!

    savage !!!!!!!!!!!!Hace 29 días



    EMİRHAN OYUNDAHace 29 días

    My country time is 01.00 wtf?

  57. Arfeen khushnoor

    Arfeen khushnoorHace 29 días

    It's 3:30 pm in India And I'm watching this😪

  58. Rizwan Raza

    Rizwan RazaHace 29 días

    @mem273 Somewhere in US, I guess . Here, in India it's 4:53 A.M.

  59. mem273

    mem273Hace 29 días

    5pm where I am

  60. Rizwan Raza

    Rizwan RazaHace 29 días

    Same here ...

  61. 五Juan Padilla

    五Juan PadillaHace 29 días

    There’s no point on calling Kitty “Shadowcat”?

  62. Red Rockwell

    Red RockwellHace 29 días



    ZOZOMAASHace 29 días


  64. dawn federspiel

    dawn federspielHace 29 días

    Hola all

  65. Lil Bae

    Lil BaeHace 29 días

    Check my channel out

  66. Aarya Tailor

    Aarya TailorHace 29 días

    Oh my

  67. Lil Bae

    Lil BaeHace 29 días


  68. Thomas Carty

    Thomas CartyHace 29 días

    What’s all this

  69. Lil Bae

    Lil BaeHace 29 días

    Idk check my recent vid

  70. Guywithacamera13

    Guywithacamera13Hace 29 días

    At least she being called kitty here

  71. thisguy38

    thisguy38Hace 28 días

    @Guywithacamera13 she’s a grown woman now she wants to be called Kate

  72. Guywithacamera13

    Guywithacamera13Hace 28 días

    @uncanny dcmarvelous in the current x-man comics , the Marauders series which she in , kitty is being called Kate or Katherine pryde now ,

  73. uncanny dcmarvelous

    uncanny dcmarvelousHace 28 días

    What do you mean?

  74. Red Rockwell

    Red RockwellHace 29 días

    You mean Kate Pryde. She grew up as the leader of the marauders team groomed by Emma Frost

  75. Red Rockwell

    Red RockwellHace 29 días

    @EugenStorm I guess there in the ninth life of Moriah Mctaggert. 😂

  76. EugenStorm

    EugenStormHace 29 días

    Not in the game. There Jubilee grew up and became the leader of Astonishing X-Men... Yes, Jubilee. Not Kitty, not Kate. Yes, Astonishing... Canon is not held in high esteem.

  77. Loris De Rhore

    Loris De RhoreHace 29 días


  78. Black Wolf

    Black WolfHace 29 días


  79. Thomas Carty

    Thomas CartyHace 29 días

    What’s up

  80. Caleb1021

    Caleb1021Hace 29 días

    Who do you all want to play Kitty in the MCU? For me, it’s always been Millie Bobby Brown

  81. thisguy38

    thisguy38Hace 28 días

    Is Millie Jewish? Because I feel it should be a genuine Jewish actress to play her

  82. Stefanus Immanuel

    Stefanus ImmanuelHace 28 días

    @Caleb1021 Ah yes, I think her sassiness will work fine with Kitty not with Cassie though

  83. Caleb1021

    Caleb1021Hace 28 días

    @Stefanus Immanuel Kathryn Newton? She’s already playing Cassie in Ant Man 3 but that would be a decent choice if she wasn’t already Cassie.

  84. Stefanus Immanuel

    Stefanus ImmanuelHace 28 días

    No elliot page though... I'd go for that Freaky actress, forgot the name

  85. Caleb1021

    Caleb1021Hace 29 días

    @Juan Ramos I think they’ll age her up a bit, especially if they want her to be a main character like some fans want. In some comics she’s around MBB’s age, and I think Millie in her 20s (when MCU X-Men is supposedly happening) could play a teenager well. Tom Holland was around 20 when he played 15 year old Peter Parker.