Hydra Soak | Marvel Studios' WandaVision | Disney+

"WandaVision" is brought to you in color by Hydra Soak. Find the Goddess within!
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  1. Neoxon

    NeoxonHace 14 horas

    Now I know who the goddess is.

  2. Angela Jacob

    Angela JacobHace 2 días

    obviously his English is not good. Lol.

  3. MovieAddict313

    MovieAddict313Hace 2 días

    What about the other commercials?

  4. cool_joe _

    cool_joe _Hace 6 días


  5. Ashraff Haquem

    Ashraff HaquemHace 8 días

    The commercial ads for this show has a bigger meaning!

  6. Jason Lockeby

    Jason LockebyHace 10 días

    So with this hint of hydra in Wandavision, along with the fact the Wanda has a history with hydra, and also red skull is the keeper of the soul stone which can distort reality and personalities which we see in Wandavision. And the missing person that shield is looking for could have something to do with the organization, this leads me to believe that hydra is behind the strange things happening in Wandavision in an act to bring back the red skull. Also Chris Evans will be back as captain America in future MCU projects.

  7. Thawan Martins

    Thawan MartinsHace 13 días

    Where's Lagos ad?

  8. Alpha Centauri

    Alpha CentauriHace 14 días

    All of these Hydra and Stark products are killing me.

  9. Jahranimo

    JahranimoHace 14 días

    Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episode 17 just confirmed this for me for the first time, so I had to come back to this commercial. Marvel is wild for this one!

  10. Vandana Gautam Bamania

    Vandana Gautam BamaniaHace 15 días

    waiting for Lagos Ad to upload

  11. PastUmbrella228

    PastUmbrella228Hace 16 días

    Where is teh purchase button

  12. Alpha

    AlphaHace 16 días

    I’m calling it. There’s going to be a cereal called “THAN-O’S”

  13. Andrea Torres

    Andrea TorresHace 17 días

    Hydra blue soap Coulson doesn’t approves this

  14. Savage

    SavageHace 18 días

    Mr Coulson the history teacher would approve.

  15. ZipZop the Cat

    ZipZop the CatHace 18 días


  16. Sunrise Alex

    Sunrise AlexHace 19 días

    More like: "Hydra Sike" XD

  17. YZC

    YZCHace 21 un día

    "She recast piatro?"

  18. Armaan Khaira

    Armaan KhairaHace 21 un día

    What an age even soaps are related with superhero stuff

  19. DatGuy

    DatGuyHace 22 días

    Coulson was right!

  20. Hải Hùng

    Hải HùngHace 22 días

    Cut off one head, grow two

  21. USER4

    USER4Hace 24 días


  22. Nicholas House

    Nicholas HouseHace 24 días

    I wouldn’t mind buying that

  23. 100x Speed

    100x SpeedHace 24 días

    I want to buy it

  24. J K

    J KHace 24 días

    We want Tobey Maguire ❤️

  25. Strange MARVEL Theories

    Strange MARVEL TheoriesHace 24 días

    MY question is..is Wanda's Mind being scrambled to keep her in WestView and is she being conditioned by someone or thing to respond poorly when she starts remembering herself ? Or is Wanda ACTUALLY doing all this like Monika says?

  26. Raphaël David

    Raphaël DavidHace 25 días

    Hydra started as nazi right? And they make soap? Well, here is a dark dark reference...

  27. T Argenthawke

    T ArgenthawkeHace 25 días

    SPOILERS from these commercials..... . . . . I could be wrong but I think I see something in the WV ads. FIrst the woman in those ads ALWAYS represent Wanda. In the first ad, they say the woman keeps burning the toast. I think that refers to Wanda toasting Vision's gem to stop Thanos. Then in the 5 years after the snap, Stark built a better toaster, AKA he tried to repair Vision. (Which makes sense, he had 5 years of grief, he would try to bring back his friend) But if you look at the woman's reaction, it didnt go well. BTW did you notice the toaster looks like Vision's face? Two eyes, mouth and the mind gem. THEN 2nd ad, Struker (the mad Hydra scientist that gave Wanda her powers) "will make time for her". And you see the man in the ad take (kidnap) "wanda" away. HYDRA KIDNAPS WANDA. In the 3rd ad, you see the woman suffering alot, like Wanda has suffered, (losing parent, her brother, her country, and then Vision). And Hydra Wash takes her away to a place where she forgets her trouble. AKA Hydra tries to delete her memories (like with Bucky) which is what the bath symbolizes. But the bath isnt cleaning away dirt and stress, it's wiping her memories! BUT they let the goddess out. AKA Wanda goes mad, all powerful, and creates a sitcom world.

  28. Victor Goizueta

    Victor GoizuetaHace 25 días

    S.H.I.E.L.D.: yup this is sus 0:38

  29. Boaman5435 Hail Hydra

    Boaman5435 Hail HydraHace 25 días

    Hydra will rise again! I support hydra / the alternative right politically.

  30. Kevv C

    Kevv CHace 26 días

    “ We are an unusual couple”

  31. Boaman5435 Hail Hydra

    Boaman5435 Hail HydraHace 25 días


  32. Summer Battles Saga

    Summer Battles SagaHace 27 días

    My theory about this: Each of the four screens showed represent the four Marvel movies Wanda has been in (AoU, CW, IW, and Endgame). The last one, Endgame, breaks the camel’s back, and as shown in the commercial Wanda “escapes to a world all her own”.

  33. Joep Willemsen

    Joep WillemsenHace 27 días

    When this is the second time you saw hydra after you thought it was over...

  34. Miguelito Maracas

    Miguelito MaracasHace 27 días

    It looks like a hint of X-MEN "Unlock your goddess inside" →Unlock your inner goddess →Unleash the power of the X gene?

  35. MrKpopSucks

    MrKpopSucksHace 27 días

    so nice to see so many shield agents here!

  36. Dikshant Upase

    Dikshant UpaseHace 27 días

    this is my theory that both the man and the woman who come in every ad of WandaVision are her PARENT'S. because every ad has some deep meaning like first episode : the toaster ticks like a bomb before he toast's come out. It is a reference to when they were children and they were stuck in one place looking at the bomb that when will it explode. It had stark written on it. The toaster has too. second episode : The watch had strucker and hydra written on it. There was hydra's symbol too. And strucker was the person from hydra who MADE them. third episode : HYDRA soak. And the sentence, "escape to a world all of your own, where your problems float away. When you want to go away but you don't want to go anywhere." That's what Wanda did.

  37. Furkan Aktürk

    Furkan AktürkHace 27 días

    Isn‘t Dottie a Hydra agent ?

  38. szewei1985

    szewei1985Hace 27 días

    Haha. Deng. No commercial in episode 4.

  39. Abigail proctor

    Abigail proctorHace 28 días

    Coulson knows whats going on...

  40. Marshanda Adella

    Marshanda AdellaHace 28 días

    kevin Feige dont ignore AoS! U know if u do, this fandom will riot onto you!

  41. Lenard Regencia

    Lenard RegenciaHace 28 días

    Hydra Soak and Detergent Coulson are my favorite Hydra products.

  42. Lol Sharma

    Lol SharmaHace 28 días

    What about daredevil

  43. 黄以騫

    黄以騫Hace 28 días

    I want to buy it! 😖

  44. Allen's Greenroom

    Allen's GreenroomHace 28 días

    I want that soap

  45. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous PersonHace 28 días

    I'd love to see this as a merchandise that you can buy

  46. Iron Man Of Steel

    Iron Man Of SteelHace 28 días

    Use up one bar, two more will take its place!

  47. Sean Previl

    Sean PrevilHace 29 días

    These ads are so hilarious. I love them.

  48. a random comment

    a random commentHace 29 días

    Does it come with the Palm Leaf?

  49. jose ap santos

    jose ap santosHace 29 días

    Boa tarde, um bom vídeo, sensacional.

  50. Pixel Media

    Pixel MediaHace 29 días

    You know Marvel really need to start hiring the AOS actors into the mcu to play their parts again... The fanbase is still so very active by what I can see by the comments xD

  51. Pixel Media

    Pixel MediaHace 28 días

    @dollars21 They're not really that low budget, Chloe Bennet for one who lots of people want to return as quake is far from a newbie actor, Clark Gregg has been in dozens of mcu films and many of the AOS actors are being put in Disney+ films and Tv series the mandalorian already has two AOS actors in it.

  52. dollars21

    dollars21Hace 29 días

    Yeah hire a bunch of low budget tv show actors that sounds great

  53. Bhavna Pandey

    Bhavna PandeyHace 29 días

    I think it refers to space stone. In the other commercial watch refers to time stone and toaster has red light which refers to soul stone

  54. v. b santhosh

    v. b santhoshHace 29 días

    How u read all the comments,if u do pls like

  55. MLA Studios

    MLA StudiosHace 29 días

    Would love to see a “virtual reality” commercial for the framework...

  56. Daniel Jaek

    Daniel JaekHace 29 días

    Daniel Jaek

  57. Mobile Chikane

    Mobile ChikaneHace un mes

    Agents of SHIELD reference! :D


    NAHZIPROHace un mes

    Hydra Soak will take to The framework!....

  59. MexicanetzExpress

    MexicanetzExpressHace un mes

    in Agents of Hydra soap was a method to retreat. Actually, madame Hydra jail their mind in a break

  60. Ayushmaan Yadav

    Ayushmaan YadavHace un mes

    We all float down here...

  61. BryanThePro07

    BryanThePro07Hace un mes

    Why nobody's talking about the fact that the sponge is like the tesseract?

  62. Francisco Ramirez

    Francisco RamirezHace un mes

    I said that in my comments

  63. abcun17

    abcun17Hace un mes

    The perfect vacation for these times...”getting away without going anywhere”...

  64. Shashank

    ShashankHace un mes

    Is this better than Lux soap..?

  65. I'm a Magestic Bird

    I'm a Magestic BirdHace un mes

    Nice to see that all the comments are AoS fans just like me!!


    COOLDUDEZHace un mes

    Hey marvel u remember those Koolaid comics u used to make and do you remember how Koolaid man could time travel and jump OUT OF BILLBOARDS well everyone that saw this bring this to marvels attention and like Just know this IS CANON

  67. Pai ta off

    Pai ta offHace un mes

    Wanda confusion

  68. eylül akar biber

    eylül akar biberHace un mes

    Coulson was right. HYDRA washing our brain. Coulson I'm saying to you teach to wanda, how did you your own soap?

  69. Jethro Bruce Andal

    Jethro Bruce AndalHace un mes

    Wanda sought the help of Hydra for her to be able to escape reality and live the life that she wants with Vision. SWORD, the new SHIELD that is headed by Nick Fury, is trying to save Wanda by rescuing her from her made-up reality. Monica Rambeau is a SWORD agent that was able to break inside. Meanwhile, Hydra has secretly been led by Mephisto and has taken interest in Wanda's powers. lol i don't know anything. excited for episode 4

  70. indig0icee

    indig0iceeHace un mes

    THE BLUE SOAP!!!! Coulson called ittttttttttttttttttttttttttt “I make my own soap now!”

  71. Freakin' Nobody

    Freakin' NobodyHace un mes

    Is that Maggie? Ant man's ex wife? 🤨

  72. HQ Bollywood News

    HQ Bollywood NewsHace un mes

    Hydra ki jai ho

  73. E-lixir XT

    E-lixir XTHace un mes

    After watching A.O.S., I make my own soap now thanks 😆


    BILL MURRAYHace un mes

    I wouldn't be at All surprised to one day Actually Find This On the Market at Whole Foods, Walgreens, CVS, and Jewel Stores. Also @ Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

  75. • AlfTheBoi •

    • AlfTheBoi •Hace un mes

    Why has no one noticed that the guy from the other 2 commercials also appears here.

  76. Rena Morris

    Rena MorrisHace un mes

    The Hydra soap from the framework Dr. Radcliffe created in agents of S.H.I.E.L.D? reasonable theory

  77. Matheus Queiroz

    Matheus QueirozHace un mes

    Sei lá em... Tô achando que ela já nasceu com poderes. Esse comercial só "comprova" I don't know in ... I think she was born with powers. This commercial only "proves"

  78. J.P. LaFontaine

    J.P. LaFontaineHace un mes

    Alright boys, what does THIS one mean?

  79. 360EarthGamer

    360EarthGamerHace un mes

    World's first colour TV adv

  80. Laibah little Secret

    Laibah little SecretHace un mes

    Marvel has Wonder Woman because I saw her

  81. Vikas Music

    Vikas MusicHace un mes


  82. Alize Savim

    Alize SavimHace un mes

    The fact that they are sharing these ads probably means they have more meaning than we anticipated... Also nice Agents of SHIELD reference

  83. Rabbani Shaik

    Rabbani ShaikHace un mes


  84. Albin S

    Albin SHace un mes

    Agent coulson is here

  85. Aditya Jena

    Aditya JenaHace un mes

    Yay, I've always wanted to have a red head...

  86. Neptune Monique

    Neptune MoniqueHace un mes

    *your at my mind* 😀

  87. Elaine Etheridge

    Elaine EtheridgeHace un mes

    Dont drop the soap Wanda

  88. Aravind muthu

    Aravind muthuHace un mes

    "Tahiti" It's a magical place - Agent Coulson

  89. Sameer Mudaliar

    Sameer MudaliarHace un mes

    is it just me or the voice sounds like of james spader who played Ultron.......

  90. Madhusudhan Patel

    Madhusudhan PatelHace un mes

    Wanda must use the soak instead of creating a reality

  91. theo dimopoulos

    theo dimopoulosHace un mes

    Please marvel bring goku into the marvel universe do a marvel film of freza killing vegeta and goku becoming supper sayian 1 please also marvel make goku's film about the freza saga and make the same storyine and the freza saga and realease it in cinima's


    SHAYDERHace un mes

    Ohh I like that... *"ANOTHER"*

  93. domblue

    domblueHace un mes

    The Hydra Soak commercial is a spoof of the popular Calgon "Take Me Away!" commercial from the 1970s. The Hydra Soak bears a notable similarity to a HYDRA blue soap mentioned by Phil Coulson in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode Identity and Change, which was theorized to be used to insert false memories into people's brains and make them believe in their simulated reality.

  94. Bry Alrighty

    Bry AlrightyHace un mes

    I get people think this is an Agents of SHIELD reference but maybe it's coincidental.. I mean because it's Wanda's mind that helped manifest this commercial, and she knew nothing of that sub-group of the Agents of SHIELD and don't think she ever even met Coulson. Hydra Soak could just be a reference to Hydra attempting to infiltrate every "pore" of government.

  95. Francisco Ramirez

    Francisco RamirezHace 25 días

    I think thhe box colour is a reference to the Tesseract

  96. Geekly Goods

    Geekly GoodsHace un mes

    *Coughs* Agent Coulson warned us about this...

  97. Oscar Camacho

    Oscar CamachoHace un mes

    It’s the tesseract

  98. Joanna Danvers

    Joanna DanversHace un mes

    Bring back Natasha Romanoff

  99. yolol

    yololHace un mes


  100. An Artist A Love

    An Artist A LoveHace un mes

    The only real Hydra is the Walt Disney company

  101. Marvelium Guy

    Marvelium GuyHace un mes

    Three Words: THE FRAMEWORK COULSON !!!!

  102. Ayush Upadhyay

    Ayush UpadhyayHace un mes

    Now, it’s time for some mind stone advertisement !

  103. Arham Goyal

    Arham GoyalHace un mes

    This was the first time in my life i was waiting more for the commercials in between rather than the episode itself.😂😂😅

  104. unicorn4031

    unicorn4031Hace un mes

    The soap box looks like the tesseract.


    PENGGEMAR BERATHace un mes

    Marvel kolaborasi ataack on titan ?

  106. Kaushik Jonnada

    Kaushik JonnadaHace un mes

    Seems kinda sus to me