DEMON DAYS: X-MEN #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics

From Marvel Stormbreaker Peach Momoko comes an unforgettable tale of mutants, magic, mayhem! Don’t miss DEMON DAYS: X-MEN #1, on sale March 2021!
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  1. Anonymous Anon

    Anonymous AnonHace 11 días

    Please raise your voice for Ben 10 episodes (in Marvel style)😉😉

  2. brawl co

    brawl coHace 13 días

    Feel good

  3. A . N . Y Yadav.

    A . N . Y Yadav.Hace 14 días

    Marvel in manga s now

  4. madgamer5

    madgamer5Hace 15 días

    Wow. I like the reimagining of the characters and blending them into Japanese Culture. 0:07 - Hulk or Red Hulk 0:16 - (Dani Moonstar?) 0:31 - Psylocke 0:37 - Juggernaut and (White Queen?) 0:55 - Thor mixed with Raijin (Statue on the left) - Storm or Wind Dancer mixed with Fuujin (Statue on the right) 0:56 - Venom 1:07 - Jubilee? 1:13 - Wolverine 1:14 - Patch (Wolverine persona)

  5. J. kross

    J. krossHace 17 días

    I hate this anime style. Pissed me off seeing black panther like this!

  6. Derry Ahmad

    Derry AhmadHace 17 días

    Now this is how Psylocke-Betsy Braddock should've looked like.

  7. somanshu dev

    somanshu devHace 17 días

    Was that really Venom or some symbiote in 0:56 ????

  8. El mundo mágico de Carlos

    El mundo mágico de CarlosHace 18 días

    Referen of Gorillaz

  9. El mundo mágico de Carlos

    El mundo mágico de CarlosHace 18 días

    Como cuarta referencia a Gorillaz

  10. Dmitry-tv

    Dmitry-tvHace 18 días

    Что за беспантовый мульт. :)

  11. Fadhil Mauls

    Fadhil MaulsHace 18 días

    So... Are the comics will be moving too or not? 🥺

  12. Dante F

    Dante FHace 18 días


  13. Josef Leyva

    Josef LeyvaHace 19 días

    Al ver Damon Days en el titulo, lo primero que se me vino a la mente fue Gorillaz

  14. Monolith _X

    Monolith _XHace 19 días


  15. alex verdia

    alex verdiaHace 19 días

    What's this crap!!!

  16. alex verdia

    alex verdiaHace 7 días

    @Joaquin Mejia you obviously do😂

  17. Joaquin Mejia

    Joaquin MejiaHace 7 días

    Nobody cares about your comment

  18. jose ap santos

    jose ap santosHace 19 días

    Boa Tarde, uma bela obra de arte. Adorei o vídeo.

  19. TzaraK

    TzaraKHace 19 días

    "Here we go again" MARVEL again copying DC, now in making comics trailer 🤦

  20. AJ Llana

    AJ LlanaHace 19 días

    That's Psylocke right?

  21. Mithun Varghese

    Mithun VargheseHace 20 días

    Doctor Strange's next movie is called 'Multiverse of Madness'. Is it because due to the new pocket reality of Wanda and chaos it created many characters from different timeline start to pop up, just like Pietro, Spiderman, etc. Eventually creating mayhem of big magnitude that Doctor Strange has to intervene.


    SWASHTIK PATNAIKHace 20 días



    JC'S CHANNELHace 20 días

    I need WandaVision EP6 Trailer

  24. Lion Sin of Pride Escanor

    Lion Sin of Pride EscanorHace 20 días

    is there a sun wukong inspired character in marvel?

  25. War Child

    War ChildHace 20 días

    Looks beautiful

  26. Colin Wright

    Colin WrightHace 20 días

    That pretty great but where this happens

  27. Joaquin Mejia

    Joaquin MejiaHace 7 días


  28. Max Mason

    Max MasonHace 20 días

    Tyrant is a powerful supervillain from the Marvel universe. He is a dangerous enemy of Galactus, his heralds, and cosmic heroes and villains. It has been stated that if Galactus is a god then Tyrant would be his devil. In many ways, that is how the two characters related to one another.

  29. Anibal Figueroa

    Anibal FigueroaHace 21 un día

    Lmfao Cant beat manga so you join them. I get it. Marvel doesn't make good comics anymore and Japanese manga and anime reign SUPREME.

  30. BoulevardTrash99

    BoulevardTrash99Hace 21 un día

    I don't understand why peach as an artist is so sought after. I don't think her art is that great.

  31. SuperNigga7877

    SuperNigga7877Hace 21 un día

    So they ripped off DC's Batman Ninja and made it more like manga, probably because Demon Slayer literally out shines the whole company. Whatever Marvel it's not like you been pushing dogshit for the past 5 years.

  32. Mighty Titan

    Mighty TitanHace 20 días

    You know that marvel has done comic like manga before batman ninja and demon slayer right? they even ha've a entire universe named the mangaverse. I mean if you don't like marvel it's fine but at least do some research before.

  33. Michael Galvan

    Michael GalvanHace 20 días

    That's right

  34. Banana Psychopath

    Banana PsychopathHace 21 un día

    why do i feel like this is mephisto, in control of wanda??

  35. Tatsuma Izuki

    Tatsuma IzukiHace 20 días

    @Zachary Dodge Mutants?

  36. Zachary Dodge

    Zachary DodgeHace 21 un día

    This has nothing to do with WandaVision

  37. Shashi Kumar

    Shashi KumarHace 21 un día


  38. CoolBoy Kamo

    CoolBoy KamoHace 21 un día


  39. kelowg1

    kelowg1Hace 21 un día

    If u want real comics go to image zenescope dynamite all real comics

  40. kelowg1

    kelowg1Hace 21 un día

    This is crapping on all xmen fans looks so dumb why marvel wants to fail is beyond me

  41. Vinicius

    ViniciusHace 21 un día

    Brasil caraio


    XTENCIONCORDHace 21 un día

    This should be an anime

  43. John Doe

    John DoeHace 17 días

    @Max Pops yes also Ironman anime.

  44. Max Pops

    Max PopsHace 18 días

    There does Exist an X-men and Wolverine anime.

  45. Hibaaq Mahamud

    Hibaaq MahamudHace 21 un día

    who else came here after watching wandavision episode 5

  46. Hibaaq Mahamud

    Hibaaq MahamudHace 12 días

    @LifeChat With Jai thanks jai DARWIN RULES

  47. LifeChat With Jai

    LifeChat With JaiHace 12 días

    No one. But I love ur profile, DARWIN RULES

  48. Aktan Umetaliev

    Aktan UmetalievHace 21 un día

    Where's the teaser of spider man !?!!!?

  49. BaRaKa 06

    BaRaKa 06Hace 21 un día


  50. Arbanius Fanta

    Arbanius FantaHace 21 un día

    Lets just hope its not like one of those(God forbid)animé ation

  51. Joaquin Mejia

    Joaquin MejiaHace 7 días


  52. Aryan Gaming

    Aryan GamingHace 21 un día

    Bus marvel kaa intro sahi tha baki sabh bakwas tha

  53. Swamp Fox

    Swamp FoxHace 21 un día

    Ya. This looks

  54. Jehú Pedraza

    Jehú PedrazaHace 21 un día

    Anyone here after WandaVision episode 5??

  55. Jehú Pedraza

    Jehú PedrazaHace 20 días

    @agent Emerald idk. I just wanted to see who was awake when it dropped

  56. agent Emerald

    agent EmeraldHace 20 días

    Why is that relevant

  57. rachna sharma

    rachna sharmaHace 21 un día

    Marvel I just want to say one thing if you give me permission, and that is I want to know how to audition for your movies or series because when I searched on my browserd - marvel casting calls or marvel audition then your page showed me about categories there's nothing about auditioning so please I want to audition I would be very glad if you hear my problem and give me a chance to audition

  58. Shibam Kumbhar

    Shibam KumbharHace 21 un día

    What an imagine hope we can give our idea for characters like venom script .

  59. Sonu Kumar

    Sonu KumarHace 21 un día

    Marvel is doing experiments with his character ............

  60. Nitant Desai

    Nitant DesaiHace 21 un día

    wtf aot reference hardening skin

  61. Nitant Desai

    Nitant DesaiHace 21 un día

    why is the art not more refined?

  62. Ioan Har

    Ioan HarHace 21 un día

    I wanna see a movie that looks like this and if there is can you guys tell me :D

  63. Super Anime Hindi

    Super Anime HindiHace 21 un día

    please help me main 9 months se kaam karraha hoon please search super anime hindi please kardo pin 1st shout out please

  64. Chad Stratton

    Chad StrattonHace 21 un día

    Hardest of hard passes. Is this for real?

  65. Klaus_Dark Phoenix

    Klaus_Dark PhoenixHace 21 un día

    Japanese style...New Ideas comics 犬夜叉 upload New Trailer Toei movie ~ Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon upload Gundaminfo New series ~ SD gundam force like As [ Secret Wars ] > 三國創傑伝 episode 1~7

  66. Johnny Fountains

    Johnny FountainsHace 21 un día

    Is this Psylocke actually Psylocke, or is it Butterfly from 5 Ronin ?

  67. Johnny Fountains

    Johnny FountainsHace 17 días

    @ded mnwlkn Butterfly was a Geisha. She was the alpha hosebag.

  68. ded mnwlkn

    ded mnwlknHace 19 días

    i mean if you wanna get technical its neither considering its a sidestory from another corner of the multiverse.

  69. Johnny Fountains

    Johnny FountainsHace 21 un día

    Is Psylocke a Samurai or a Ninja ?

  70. Johnny Fountains

    Johnny FountainsHace 21 un día

    @Zing Bling Thanks Zing.

  71. Zing Bling

    Zing BlingHace 21 un día

    She is a psychic ninja

  72. Shubham Yadav SYIT46

    Shubham Yadav SYIT46Hace 21 un día

    She looked a lot like nezuko from demon slayer

  73. Nitant Desai

    Nitant DesaiHace 21 un día

    also aot scene

  74. Johnny Fountains

    Johnny FountainsHace 21 un día

    Psylocke looks like The Ninja Girl from Ninja Scroll the movie.

  75. Deepak Kumar

    Deepak KumarHace 21 un día

    Is this really gonna release Movie like that too? 🙄I ain't watch' then

  76. Benjamin I Meszaros

    Benjamin I MeszarosHace 21 un día

    Independent of Krakoa yes?

  77. Lilian Olvera

    Lilian OlveraHace 21 un día

    My good friend Naruko will love 💚 this comic. For her birthday 🥳. A mutant/demon-huntress perfect birthday gift 🎁.

  78. Junnaidi Hadiwijaya

    Junnaidi HadiwijayaHace 21 un día


  79. Aloy Maitra

    Aloy MaitraHace 21 un día

    This feels like demon slayer

  80. angel seda

    angel sedaHace 21 un día

    Wtf is this hot mess ?!?..Looks like absolute trash !!!.. lame artwork and most probably a lame story to go with it !!!.. sad , Marvel doesn’t make good comic books anymore .. and what’s worse is that this is an X-Men title !!!.. I remember back in the day when Marvel comics rocked , those days are long gone now !!!.. R.I.P. Marvel Comics and Stan Lee !!!

  81. Kuranpu88

    Kuranpu88Hace 21 un día

    ok now try say that without crying

  82. Job Buenaagua

    Job BuenaaguaHace 21 un día

    The logo creator must be playing Genshin Impact

  83. Nadson Silva

    Nadson SilvaHace 21 un día

    I waiting for WandaVision's teaser 🤡

  84. Oscar Leonardo

    Oscar LeonardoHace 21 un día

    So they'll eventually make this a whole collection right? I wonder if I should want for this printing or collected as a whole later down the line

  85. Jamail44

    Jamail44Hace 21 un día

    I'm a little interested.

  86. Cassandra Anne

    Cassandra AnneHace 22 días

    the art style is amazing oh wow

  87. J. A.

    J. A.Hace 22 días

    This looks like Ronin 5

  88. Johnny Fountains

    Johnny FountainsHace 21 un día

    5 Ronin.*

  89. james Arthur

    james ArthurHace 22 días

    yay demons slayer ver x men

  90. Joaquin Mejia

    Joaquin MejiaHace 7 días


  91. therealmanos

    therealmanosHace 22 días

    Wow. Looks gorgeous!

  92. karem magdy

    karem magdyHace 22 días

    Hey marvel i have an idea for a new superhero the people love him but he isn't from the marvel's world i think he will be huge hero if you start to making him this is just an idea if it's important to you ok and if isn't no problem i hope you see this massege👍

  93. Blank Gaming

    Blank GamingHace 22 días

    Ahaha. I thought it was Xmen x Demon Slayer.

  94. Mark Tsundoku Pasha

    Mark Tsundoku PashaHace 22 días

    More X-Men is always good

  95. Akairenn

    AkairennHace 22 días

    That does look quite interesting and creative.

  96. Jen Hay

    Jen HayHace 17 días

    Yea, it really isn't interesting. They need to take tips from Shonen anime Mangas

  97. klloyd plata

    klloyd plataHace 22 días

    I really loved and liked Peach Momoko because she one of the most In-demand artist around the globe on how she making a manga that turns into comicbook storytelling.

  98. klloyd plata

    klloyd plataHace 22 días

    I really love and like this interestingly amazing idea that has done by Marvel because they are making a mixed of manga & comicbook aspects of what we see on the trailer.

  99. Lucas Albuquerque Oliveira

    Lucas Albuquerque OliveiraHace 22 días

    Awesome idea. The animation was really good too.

  100. megazorde Melo

    megazorde MeloHace 22 días

    MARVEL vs DC

  101. Suchega Uber

    Suchega UberHace 22 días

    Well, it's not really my cup of tea, but congrats to the artist and to the people who like this style.

  102. Ale !

    Ale !Hace 22 días


  103. Paul Meagher

    Paul MeagherHace 22 días


  104. Joaquin Mejia

    Joaquin MejiaHace 7 días


  105. FlexStyle

    FlexStyleHace 22 días

    Not another bloody X-men title.

  106. Helder Almeida

    Helder AlmeidaHace 22 días

    I will give it a shot. See in March

  107. Simran Rai

    Simran RaiHace 22 días

    Would you make a falcon movie and make Tom Holand watch it !!!!!! Or one on war matching about tony

  108. Philo Krnotch

    Philo KrnotchHace 22 días

    Some seriously familiar and great art styles. "I can get behind that" .. heny Rollins and William Shatner quote other than that I speculate nothing but wickedly awesome

  109. Jordan L Polite

    Jordan L PoliteHace 22 días

    Lol at Marvel trying to get that Manga money

  110. Jason Saint-Carreyett

    Jason Saint-CarreyettHace 22 días

    @Jordan L Polite I was being sarcastic 😂😂😂

  111. Jordan L Polite

    Jordan L PoliteHace 22 días

    @Jason Saint-Carreyett I mean that is the point of a business unless they’re purpose has changed.......

  112. Jason Saint-Carreyett

    Jason Saint-CarreyettHace 22 días

    I know hilarious right. A business trying to make money 😂

  113. WDCain

    WDCainHace 22 días

    Wait, so has Psylocke gone back to being Japanese? The last I saw, Betsy was turned back to being white in the Hunt for Wolverine event and was now Captain Britain. Has this already been undone?

  114. MinesAGuinness

    MinesAGuinnessHace 22 días

    I believe in an interview it is a separate reimagining, with versions of some familiar characters recast in the style of Japanese folklore. It reminds me of Neil Gaiman's Marvel 1602.

  115. Patrick Stewart

    Patrick StewartHace 22 días

    Kwannon got her body back when Betsy got hers back. She's Psylocke now, while Betsy's Captain Britain. Also, this is an alt universe story starring an alt universe Kwannon, so you don't really need to be up to date on the whole body swapping stuff anyway.

  116. warren byrne

    warren byrneHace 22 días


  117. Ira Ford

    Ira FordHace 22 días

    Looks interesting to read.

  118. David Yanovich

    David YanovichHace 22 días

    I don’t know why but I expected a marvel crossover with GORILLAZ where the band members turn out to be mutants or something.

  119. Landon Vincent

    Landon VincentHace 22 días

    Same lol. Gorillaz was the first thing I thought about when I read "Demon Days"

  120. Kuranpu88

    Kuranpu88Hace 22 días

    This would be a sick TV series! Peach momoko is always the best!

  121. locoMax

    locoMaxHace 22 días

    That looks really awesome

  122. Vinh Do

    Vinh DoHace 22 días

    I love Peach Momoko so much!!! I can't wait for this series!!!

  123. WolfeCanada

    WolfeCanadaHace 22 días

    A lot of similarities between this and a Kitty Pryde mini series I read a few decades ago.

  124. UnclBn

    UnclBnHace 22 días

    Looks like it would make a better shang chi comic

  125. UnclBn

    UnclBnHace 21 un día

    @MinesAGuinness still I'd prefer they make it Japanese and make it shang chi

  126. MinesAGuinness

    MinesAGuinnessHace 22 días

    Shang Chi is Chinese. This is based upon Japanese yōkai mythology.

  127. Da Taisto

    Da TaistoHace 22 días

    Very cool

  128. Johnny Fountains

    Johnny FountainsHace 22 días

    I really like this preview. I like comics and a few anime.

  129. Big MC

    Big MCHace 22 días

    They named an X-Men comic after a Gorillaz album? Sick.

  130. J s

    J sHace 22 días

    Gorillaz fans be like: 🤔

  131. Wanda Maximoff

    Wanda MaximoffHace 22 días

    That was cool But WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  132. Alfee Here

    Alfee HereHace 22 días

    Who is she tho? I mean the girl with bow and arrow...

  133. Juan David Diaz Buitrago

    Juan David Diaz BuitragoHace 22 días

    The protagonist or the artist?

  134. Because Of You Fahri

    Because Of You FahriHace 22 días

  135. Nascimento

    NascimentoHace 22 días

    ha perfect

  136. Johnny Agregaard

    Johnny AgregaardHace 22 días

    So when is M.O.D.O.K. coming out on Hulu?

  137. Johnny Fountains

    Johnny FountainsHace 17 días

    Modok is on disney plus.